Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Juicing for Health

I juice at least twice a day.

Some juices are just as pretty as they are yummy. This one was beets, red grapes, peach and an apple.

Cabbage & Granny Smith apple = delicious!

Sweet potato, carrots & cantaloupe...Yummers!

Tomato, watermelon, pineapple & oranges! One of my favorites! So refreshing!

And then you have this ugly cuppa juice....cabbage, red grapes, celery & granny smith apple. Not the prettiest, but it was actually quite yummy.

Do you juice? I highly recommend it!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Treasures found

Tori moved into her very own apartment last month. The only thing she was lacking was a table. She wanted/needed something small to fit in the space she had. John had been looking on a local website everyday, but everything he found was way to big. While driving into downtown one day I discovered a newly opened flea market. I was super stoked over this discovery. I love thrifting and finding those hidden treasures. So you can only imagine my exhilaration when I came across this table! I immediately text a photo to Tori and she responded with a OMG perfect! That's just the size I wanted! Ah! (those are all quotes)

Here it is sitting pretty in here home. It's for sure vintage, just not sure what decade...maybe 50's? It's very sturdy. Whoever painted it did a fabulous job, and she can always strip it later on down the road and bring it back to it's natural state. Isn't it just darling?!!

I also found this vintage pyrex in the "Forest Fancies Mushroom" pattern for Tori. She had found a baking dish awhile back in this pattern. (both my girls have a love affair with vintage Pyrex...just like their Momma)

John went back to Dolly's flea market with me a week later and I found more vintage Pyrex. O, my goodness, I was in Pyrex heaven.
This pattern is "Town & Country."

I came across the ENTIRE nesting bowl set of "Americana" I about fell over. There are no chips and very few scratches. Woo-Hoo!!!

So, John told me that I have become a hoarder of Pyrex. Whatever! I explained to him the difference between a hoarder and a collector!!! He was really just kidding...I think.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Who's that blogger?

You've probably forgotten all about me by now. It's been over 3 months since I've blogged. :/

Quick update:

I lost my job at the school. I was upset about it at first, worried about my children...wondering if they will make it without a "safe person/room" to go to. I still worry about the kiddos, but i'm not upset anymore. I am LOVING just being a bus driver again!! This is the start of my 21st school year driving a bus. O, and the best part, I was one of the lucky few who received one with air conditioning!!

I spent the summer worried sick about my two daughter's traveling all over Europe. They visited 9 countries in all. Here are a few pictures from their adventures.




Barefoot Park in Germany (therapeutic 3 hour walk)

They both agreed that Portugal was the most beautiful place on Earth. I want to visit now.

The girls were home for most of August. They have both moved out again. Tori back to Conway, in her own apartment, for her last year in college. Meg moved to Texas where she is tutoring after school and is thinking about going back to college to get her degree in Bi-lingual Speech Pathology.

So, we are empty-nesters...again!

Happy Labor Day, everyone!