Friday, October 31, 2008

Ghosts & Pumpkins

Happy Halloween Everyone~

Since I have no children at home to take trick or treating and because I never have kids come to my house 'cause I live way out in the country....I decided to spoil my kiddos at school. We are going to have Little Caesar's pizza and yummy cupcakes and a chocolate surprise!

I made these cupcakes.....all homemade with my favorite cream cheese frosting! I must really love those kids to work 9 1/2 hours then come home and do all this! Yeah, I love 'em.

These little mummy's and pumpkins are fun. I really should have done some green on the pumpkin but by time I finished doing everything I was exhausted! These are chocolate covered marshmallows. Yes, they are yummy!!!

Have a safe, fun & HAPPY Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

We were the 80's

Where are my Angels is hosting


The 80's....ah, let me reminisce....Madonna....who didn't love her...what girl didn't dress like her!?! Jon Bon Jovi....what a hottie and still is!!! I want my MTV....and back then it was all about the music!

The best movies came out like Terms of Endearment, Top Gun, Back to the Future and my all time favorites......Breakfast Club, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Urban Cowboy & Dirty Dancing!!

This is a photo of a photo....haha....John was 17, I was was 1986! I know it's fugly!!! John's hair was big too! This was a free 16x20 that we had taken at a hotel in Jacksonville. It cracks me up every time I look at it.

Arcades....that was the place to be. I always played Pac-Man! you remember PONG & Space Invaders! Oh the simplicity in our sweet Atari.

The evolution of switching from tapes to CD's.

High school.....on prom night of 87' we conceived our 1st daughter. Ah, yeah high school was great!

Big hair...long hair....banana eyeshadow....leg warmers....parachute pants...Guess jeans....Members Only jackets....Jelly shoes(geez, these killed my feet but I wore them anyway cause they were cool)Chuck Taylor Converse (I still wear these) Reebok high tops in all crazy colors....I had a pair of Teal ones!

No cell phones....No computers...

Life was great in the 80's!!!!!!!!!!

Another photo of a photo....and it was actually 1990....but hey, we still have our 80's hair.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Swap!

A few weeks back I agreed to do a swap with Heather @
"This is the day..." Ps. 118:24
I made her a shawl wrap & she made me homemade cards. I received them in the mail today. Oh my! Is Heather amazing or what!!! Look at these cards ladies!!!

Photo doesn't do cards justice

I got Halloween, Happy Harvest, Easter, baby, Thank you, Christmas....etc. They are all just wonderfully made with such detail.

I love the Halloween! Those spiders and that ghost is too cute!

The Christmas cards are perfect! I collect Santa's so this was one of my favorites.

She even sent these clear envelopes (bottom right corner in 1st photo) to mail them in. I have never seen these before. John liked the cards as much as I did. He was saying...Oh look at this cute little ribbon...and I love this Angel Birthday card! Heather we both agreed YOU ROCK when it comes to making cards!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

I just finished my last swap shawl wrap ( Jamie I'll be mailing it out tomorrow or to find a box.) I made 5 shawls in 25 days! I'm working on another now for a friends niece. I have a permanent indention on my right middle finger where my needle rests....but it's all good!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Shooting at UCA

Last night as I got ready to get in my bed a "Breaking News" alert came on the TV, and i didn't really pay attention to it. A few minutes later i got a phone call from my daughter, Meg, saying that she was in the library on the UCA campus studying and there had just been a shooting outside one of the UCA dorms. The school was on lock down for awhile, so Meg & Brianna, who was studying with her, had a friend come pick them up so they didn't have to walk to their cars. I called Tori right after I got off the phone with Meg to make sure she was alright. She was at home writing a paper, so I was content knowing she was safe. I was up until 1 A.M. worried about my daughters and the situation because there was still three men at large. They had done a sort of drive-by shooting in a white vehicle. They now have two of the men in custody.
Here's an article from a local news station.
It's a sad thing that two young men had to die because of this. I am thankful to God that my daughters are okay. Keep the families and friends in your prayers, as well as all the students & faculty at UCA.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

We did it....

Dear Friends~
Let me brag on hubby & myself for a moment. What do I have to brag about you ask?? Well, it has been 1 year since we quit smoking! Whoo Hoo!!!! We were really stupid and started smoking in 1993....when we started going to know it was one of those things everybody did. At first we only smoked when we went out. Then we would share a pack and smoke every once in a while at the house. That turned into everyday. Eventually we were up to a pack a day and John was smoking Darium Blacks which were $5.00 a pack!!! Oh, we quit many, many, many times....heck we were professional quitters....we just couldn't stay quit! Meg & Tori would beg us to quit...they would say things to us stink....thats nasty. Then the day before Tori turned 18 I decided I had had enough. I wanted to quit for good while she was still a "kid". So on October 15th, 2007 I put them down and never looked back. It was easier then I thought...all I had to do was put my mind to it. John was still smoking...he wasn't ready...and I never said anything to him about quitting. Then on the 30th he told me that he threw his cigarettes out the window and that he has joined me in being a non-smoker!!!
Here we both are one year later smoke-free!! Oh, we still crave a cigarette every now & then....we just don't give into it. So can I get a WHOO HOO!!!!!
Photo above was taken a few minutes ago with the self timer. This photo makes my ass and thigh look big!!! Really it's not that big! good friend Beth has joined SITS & BATW!!! YAY! I'm excited about this. Go shower her with comment lovin.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Decorating Team

1st. This is my 90Th post! That's insane! I never thought I would enjoy this blogging thing like I do. It is definitely an addiction....but hey, better then other addictions. I'm looking forward to my 100th. Should I crochet a shawl wrap to "giveaway"?

2nd. I have been tagged several times....I promise I will get to those soon.

3rd. Wednesday night instead of bible study, we all gathered at the church to decorate for the "Legacy Supper". It took all 8 of us over 4 hours to get everything done. Thank goodness we did it Wednesday because if Dala, Robbie & I would have started it Saturday morning we would have never got it all done in time. Robbie & Jeanne worked on putting the centerpieces together while Dala & I went up in the attic to see if there was anything we could use. I hate attics and was a bit freaked out coming down those stairs.

Dala, John, Robbie & Jeanne. Getting started.

The food came and everyone ran into the kitchen to eat. Thank goodness we did...we didn't know what we were in for at this point. Of course when I snapped this photo the women were already decorating...and here are the men....still eating.

They got busy not soon after this. Here is Doug the
"Master Ironer"

He ironed 5 table clothes. And the stage curtain as well.

Pastor Allen watching Ron & John putting Tulle and ribbon around vanilla candles that the guest will receive as a gift.

They were so proud of themselves!

Our Pastor's wife, Jeanne....putting spikes on the flowers and such for the centerpieces.

John told me I was an an I put this crown of lights on my head.

John and Ron putting lights on the tree....Ron was telling John dirty jokes making him laugh. Yes, in church...telling dirty jokes. Will we go to hell?
Then Ron hit John in the nuts twice and he stood up holding himself and staying far away from Ron.

Meanwhile the Master Ironer Doug concentrated deeply on ironing the napkins.

Here Ruth was telling Ron & Allen that they folded the napkins wrong. They were a little frustrated with her. They re-did all but three of them.
Later on in the evening, Allen came up to John and said, "Look, I finally folded one right" Do you know what my husband did?.....he pulled it out of Allen's hand un-doing the fold and said, No, you suck! OMG! He did that to the pastor. Allen's mouth just dropped open....then he giggled. He knows that Doug, John & Ron are like that. While the other guys were doing napkins, John steamed 32 rice paper placemats...he burned his hands a dozen times.

We needed to have the one window decorated and didn't know about this when we went shopping. So we improvised and used the leftover tulle and a swag be bought.
Robbie, Me, Dala

This is the Welcome table. I think it came out pretty.

The table with the gift candles.

The room (without chairs) I did the tree on the right...the guys did the tree on the left and played around....I just noticed they didn't go all the way up with the lights. Arggg.

The table setting.

The group...all worn out!

It was a fun time. I was very impressed that the guys dived right in and helped!! I'm so proud of all of them. After the supper on Saturday night....we will return to the church and put the centerpieces in the atrium and decorate in there. I am looking forward to shopping and decorating for Christmas.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Presidential Dance Off/Palin attack

Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off - Watch more Free Videos

Crazy Protester Interrupts Palin Interview - Watch more Free Videos

Just thought these were pretty funny and Betty and all of her blogger friends would enjoy a laugh or two..have a great day and by all means on election day get out there and VOTE !

Hubby John

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

laughter with my family and oh what is that at my front door?

Oh today was a marvelous, busy, funny, exciting day! I tend to start my sentences out with, oh, a lot. Anyway, work was fun today although I didn't get a break the entire day. But, hey that happens from time to time. I drove to Conway and met up with John (he was up there already because Meg's brakes went out in her car and he had them fixed) at the girls house for our family date dinner. We ate at this Mexican restaurant called Faby' was fabulous! This is Tori & Nick's favorite Mexican restaurant.

John got stuffed chicken was very de-lish-e-o-so.

They make there flour tortilla's homemade everyday....mmmmm...they also gave us free soup & free dessert. Tori told the waiter how Meg spoke fluent Spanish so he made Meg talk only in Spanish to him. Spanish is one of her Majors. We cracked jokes and laughed the entire dinner. It was a good time as usual. I just love our dinners together.

This is where Reeses sat on the drive home. Isn't that hilarious!

So when we arrived home I pulled in the drive & saw a brown package at my door! Oh, I was so excited!!! I ran to the door and picked it up and I was right, it was from Becky! Becky @ In the Trenches and I did a swap. I crocheted her a Shawl Wrap and she sent me some amazing stuff!!
First of all the card is just to cute...I love the magnets! Second, Good & Plenty is my all time favorite candy. I have already eaten half a box while writing this blog! I now have licorice breath. Third, I'm so excited to read this book!!! And last but NOT LEAST.....OH. MY. GOSH. I screamed and jumped up and you see it....She got me a TEAM EDWARD BAG and a MRS. CULLEN shirt.
Oh heck yea! I know what I'm wearing on November 21st!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Becky. This was so cool. I feel like a teenager getting all excited over the shirt and bag. My husband got the biggest kick out of me. I'm so glad I decided to pick up those Twilight books....could you imagine a life without Edward Cullen? Geez, I couldn't.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sun Worshippers

Reeses & Dinosaur

These little guys are huge sun worshippers. They had just come back inside from 60 degree cool air and needed to find a warm spot. They love to find a sunny area in the house. Lucky for them I have lots of windows. This was in the kitchen by the pantry. Reeses pulled this little bed over to the sun and Dinosaur kept on licking the pantry like he was wanting a treat. Too funny!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Surprises & Little ones

Tori came home Friday night and surprised me for a weekend visit. I felt bad 'cause when she arrived I was out with my girlfriends shopping for decorations for our church. After I arrived home we spent some time talking; then got some rest for the busy Saturday we were in for.

We picked up Natie & Nate for a few hours so momma could get some much needed rest. We went shopping at Wal-Mart.

Whew...forgot what that was like with a 5 & 3 year old....Tori & I had the hardest time carrying on a conversation....we were to busy with the little ones.
We arrived back at my house and sat the kids at the table to eat lunch. They had picked out lunchables...made it easy on Auntie Betty! After they ate Tori took Natie outside and Nate watched Shrek 3 while I made some Chili for Elise & Chad.
The time came to take the kiddos back to momma. We got to spend some time with Amaiya and give her lots of loving. Tori had her camera and got these great shots.

I love this one of her smiling. Isn't it sweet! It was a great weekend of surprises and little ones. Oh I almost forgot....Chad & Elise asked Tori to be Amaiya's Godmother. She said YES of course!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome to the World

I was walking down the halls at the school yesterday at 11:00, when I saw my mom walking towards me real fast. She said, "We're gonna have another little girl born on October 16th"!! Elise is in labor! I was SO excited. Mom left work to be with Elise and to watch her 8th great grand-baby be born.

Congratulations Chad & Elise!!!!!

The Daddy & Momma

Welcome to the world, Amaiya Julianna!
She was born at 3:30 pm.

6lbs 11 oz. 19 inches long

Big brother, Nate & Big sister, Natie. Nate has nicknamed Amaiya...Yaya...too cute!

Great Grandma

Gigi with her newest grand-baby.

Papaw (my brother Chad) with his newest little girl.

Auntie Em with Yaya. She left school to see her be born. She spilled her sprite on her cell phone...she got lost on the way to the hospital...but she made it in time.

Natie holding the sister she has been so excited to meet.

It's really neat because Amaiya is the first child in our family to be born in October in 19 years. There are 34 grandchildren (on my side) and 8 great grand children.
She shares her day with my little girl. What is even neater is...I had Tori at 2:15 pm and she weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz. So close in time & weight.
Tori had to go meet the little girl who now shares her birthday. Of course she had her camera and took a few great shots. I'm sure Elise will set up an appointment with Tori to take some photos.

I love this of Amaiya's feet. It's precious.

She has a lot of hair.

Happy Birthday to two beautiful girls!

Wow....this was one BUSY week!