Friday, March 26, 2010

Double Movie Dinner Date

It was that time again, time for our all day date that we like to call,
"Double Movie Dinner Date".

We went and saw, "Remember Me" first. Rob Pattinson, in our opinion, was wonderful in this movie. I know it got some bad reviews, but we really liked it. I never listen to the critics anyway, I usually like what they hate. John & I both were moved to tears.

After this movie, we went shopping at Whole Foods, then ate at our favorite Cajun restaurant, Copelands. It was de-lish as usual.

The second movie was "Shutter Island". This movie was twisted, freaky, & a bit too long for me. It was well-written, but still left me wondering about some things.

Our date was coming to an end....but we decided to make one more stop before we went home. We went back to Copelands and ordered a Bananas Foster Napoleon Cheesecake to go. We pigged out on it when we got home. Yummilicious!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Wednesday, March 24th was a planned family date. John & I were driving up to Conway to have lunch with the girls.

While on our way up there, Tori text'd me and said, Meg was running fever but it's going down, she was plenty of water and cold compresses. Tori said she felt weird too, but was sure it was just allergies. They both had been hiking outdoors the day before. I told them we could cancel, but they insisted we come anyway.

We arrived at noon, the scheduled time. They both weren't ready yet...I could tell they BOTH felt miserable.

We went to lunch at Mike's Place, niether one had a big appetite. Actually, they barely ate at all.

They let me take this photo even though they felt crappy.

We went back to their house. Daddy did the usual "daddy to do list" jobs. Like put oil in the cars, fix windshield wiper blades, fix the screens in the windows....etc...etc.

All of a sudden Meg's temp soared past 101...the fever hit Tori really fast....I felt her head and knew she was running at least 99....we took her temp and it was 99.9. Ugh! Poor girls.
I told John we better leave so they can get some rest. But before we did leave, I made them take a family photo...LOL. You know I HAVE to have these photos!!

You can tell they feel horrible....but I think they are still beautiful, even when they are pale and feverish.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sunshine and Moonbeams

This is my nephew, David & his lovely wife, Jenna.

David lived with John & I his junior & senior years of high school. (he is my sisters son) We treated him as if he were our son. He had to follow the same rules as the girls, he joined the family every night for dinner, had a curfew....he had structure & stability in his life for the first time in awhile. (his parents divorced when he was 7 or 8) During his stay with us we all grew very close, especially him & John. They have a father/son relationship that will never be broken.

David graduated from high school in 2005 and joined the Air Force that fall....where he became a Firefighter. He met his beautiful wife, who is a paramedic in the Air Force, they fell in love & got hitched in Vegas in September of 2008.

We got a call in December from David telling us he was going to be a daddy!! We were SO excited for him & Jenna. Then a few weeks ago, David called John & I and said we better start thinking of grandparent names, unless we want grandpa & granny, Um NO thanks!! Although his mom is the true grandmother (his dad passed away this past summer) we were flattered that he would ask us to be the baby's grandparents and happily accepted the call.....we are going to be Nonna & Pap!

They had an ultrasound done on Monday, the doctor said she is 70% sure it is a GIRL!! They will have a 3-D one done on Tuesday and that will confirm for sure if she is indeed a girl.

John & I have already started buying this little one gifts. Here is the first stuffed animal....Pap picked it out on Monday while we were waiting for the call. Its a cute monkey named, Bongo.

So be forewarned...there is gonna be lots of baby talk in the future!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh my!

Wow~ My last entry was on the 27th of February!! That's crazy!

Since John started his new schedule the beginning of this year, we have had more time with each other, and I have had less time to blog!

I guess I'll have to do another this & that post...and then I can go visit everyone and catch up.

We celebrated Johns birthday at Vino's, our favorite pizza parlor. It was just the 4 of us! We ate pizza, drank freshly made root beer, and enjoyed great conversation!

March Bunko was 50's Sock Hop!

The gals surprised me with a surprise birthday party!! I was VERY surprised! It was so sweet. I had to hold back my tears...they are the best friends!!
Funny story behind the cake....Becky had it at her store (she owns a tanning & clothing store) There was no school that day, so I went in to tan earlier then I normally do. Marie told Becky that I was there...she grabbed the cake to bring it in the back and the box buckled and the cake got smashed...the top slide to the side. I thought they were acting funny....but brushed it off. Becky told me later the story of the cake & that there were balloons behind the counter that they had been blowing up! So...she had to fix the they put the feathers on it! GREAT MEMORIES!!!! The cake was oh. so. delicious!!!

I turned 39 on Friday! Just the 4 of us went and ate sushi at Sekisui. yummy yummy!!! I got a free fried cheesecake since it was my birthday. It was sinful I tell you! I got a little emotional at the table...not because I'm 1 year from being 40( well sort of) but because the girls made me a homemade card....Meg wrote that she was sad that she isn't going to be here for my 40th next year (remember she'll be in Spain) and that she is soaking in all these memories! Yea- I cried! My girls are my world!
I am on spring break this week! John and I have lots of plans :).....sleep in....go to the movies....just spend time together! I might even sew a little.