Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Big 4-0


The Big 40!!!

I hear you smile & laugh more after 40....actually, I didn't hear that I just made it up because it went well with this cute picture.

You make goofy this one after 40.

After 40 you need a bib while you eat.

Here's a fun poem for you, love.

Over The Hill At Forty
So it's your fortieth birthday;
Four decades have gone and passed.
They say when you get older,
Time goes twice as fast.
I wouldn't know, of course,
Since I am still quite young,
But for you, the music is over;
Your last song has been sung.
You're just over the hill at forty;
You went down without a fight.
Time rushes on, and soon
That "hill" will be out of sight!
Happy Birthday Anyway!

Hey you might be 40 but your still young enough to ride a bike!

You're just as sexy now to me as you were when you were 17.

I love you, babe! Hope this birthday is the best one yet!!!! 3


Tori said...

aww, i hope he is reading this at work : )

i love you daddyo & happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Betty, great post. You always know how to find the right words and pictures to go along with them...truth is I have always needed a bib when I eat but its nice that you waited till I am 40 to tell me...I love you baby! Thanks for making my birthday special. John

Young Momma said...

I love it. So sweet.

April said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to John!!! I'm guessing you're going to pamper that man of yours like crazy, right? Have a fun celebration!

American in Norway said...

How sweet! Hope John has a great day!

Mercedes said...

Happy Bday to John!

natalie said...

Aw!!! Happy Birthday, Mr. John!!!! I can't believe you're 40! You seem so much younger :)

Lori said...

Happy Birthday John....

Wasn't his comment so sweet... you both are just tooooo cute..

I'll turn the Big 4-0 in May... Not really looking forward to it, but I can't stop time.

Susie said...

What a beautiful tribute to your man! I hope he has a great birthday!!

Joy said...

Great Birthday post for John! He was so sweet to leave you a comment. Like John, I'm over 40, but I've always needed someone to wipe my face. I can manage to get some stray food particle way off to the side. My husband is constantly cleaning me up so I won't embarrass my self.
Congratulations on 40! I can only imagine what it will be like when we're in the nursing home together. He'll probably give up on me.
♥ Joy

Rene said...

Happy Birthday John!!!

Betty said...

Happy Birthday John! You have a special wife who will probably totally spoil you!

Melody said...

Happy Birthday to John! I hope that it is a wonderful day.

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Fabulous post!! Yay for birthdays!!

Happy Birthday John!

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday Keeper Of The Skies!

mrsbear said...

Happy Birthday to him! I love the photos, hope you had a fabulous celebration. Don't worry 40 is the new 20. ;)

Sandy Toes said...

40...I remember when my mom turned did this all happen to us??? Weren't we just 22 yesterday???
I am not 40 yet but it's peeking it's "head" at me.
sandy toe

Becky said...

Happy Birthday John! I always knew you were a smart guy for marrying Betty, but who knew you were a fellow 3/5er also! Hope you had as great of a birthday as I did! Here's to us having long happy healthy blessed lives:)

Beths Blog said...

Happy Birthday John!!!! I cannot believe he is 40!!!! I love the pics on your blog and on your facebook of his birthday. Great job! I saw pics of his parents to, did they come in for his birthday? Did you have a surprise party or what did you all do? Love your blog as usual and love you too!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

You're only as old as you feel, right? So the two of you must be like teenagers! You both look amazing, too.
Happy Birthday to him!

heathersister said...

Happy Birthday Big 40!!

I am sure you guys will have a great weekend eating some weird ass food somewhere. Enjoy it!