Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm Back!!

Oh dear blogging friends....I've missed you all.

I have had a busy September thus far. I went on a road trip with some girlfriends......we drove to Mobile, Alabama to board this lovely ship.
Carnival Holiday.....I believe the smallest ship they have. It is getting ready to retire....only a few more cruises left in her.

We had a BLAST!!! I'm going to sit down in front of this darn computer later this afternoon and tell you all about it. First, I need to play catch up. I have been going going going since I arrived home late Saturday night. Work was insane this week and my poor house is in dire need of some deep cleaning.

I'll close this post with a photo of was breathtakingly beautiful!!


Tammy Howard said...

Oooooh! Lucky you!

Mrsbear said...

That's a great reason to be off the bloggy radar! Good for you.

Betty said...

I loved the pic´s on fb and can´t wait to read more about it.
But first you clean your house! :)

Joy said...

We can all relate to all the catch up work that vacations bring.

Can't wait to hear about your adventure when you get time.

That beach picture is beautiful.
I don't have fond memories of Cancun. I got sick sick sick!
I'll enjoy your memories.


Melody said...

So glad you're back!!

What a beautiful beach! Can't wait to hear all about it. :-)

natalie said...

i've missed you! i'm happy you enjoyed your trip!

Anonymous said...

Lucky! Sounds like a blast!

Becky said...

I'm in the same boat as you! Much to catch up on...mail, laundry, cleaning, work...oh well. It was SO worth the vacation...wasn't it!!!! {{grin}}

Tori said...

<3 love you!

Susie said...

Welcome back!! I can't wait to hear about your trip:-)