Thursday, March 25, 2010


Wednesday, March 24th was a planned family date. John & I were driving up to Conway to have lunch with the girls.

While on our way up there, Tori text'd me and said, Meg was running fever but it's going down, she was plenty of water and cold compresses. Tori said she felt weird too, but was sure it was just allergies. They both had been hiking outdoors the day before. I told them we could cancel, but they insisted we come anyway.

We arrived at noon, the scheduled time. They both weren't ready yet...I could tell they BOTH felt miserable.

We went to lunch at Mike's Place, niether one had a big appetite. Actually, they barely ate at all.

They let me take this photo even though they felt crappy.

We went back to their house. Daddy did the usual "daddy to do list" jobs. Like put oil in the cars, fix windshield wiper blades, fix the screens in the windows....etc...etc.

All of a sudden Meg's temp soared past 101...the fever hit Tori really fast....I felt her head and knew she was running at least 99....we took her temp and it was 99.9. Ugh! Poor girls.
I told John we better leave so they can get some rest. But before we did leave, I made them take a family photo...LOL. You know I HAVE to have these photos!!

You can tell they feel horrible....but I think they are still beautiful, even when they are pale and feverish.


Joy said...

Bless their hearts. I hope they crawled under the covers and got some rest. I've battling something too right now. I hate it because the weather is so beautiful I just want to be outside doing stuff but I don't feel like it.

♥ Joy

SparkleFarkle said...

It looks like your daughters' twinkles dim more than a just a smitch when they're "fighty the nasty." Such troopers to be able to eek out a little family fun, while circling the drain. LOL! Get well soon, sweet girls!

P.S. Keep your thermometer handy. You and John are probably next in line! Hmm. I wonder if thermometers are on Big Mike's menu, as well. LOL! Get wells to both of you, too, ahead of time!

Susie said...

Poor kids!! I hope they feel better soon!!

Melody said...

I hope they get feeling better soon! And you are right, they are still beautiful even when they are feverish. :)

Becky said...

Oh can see how pale they are! What troopers:)

I'm So excited we are fb buddies! I can keep up with you more!

And I know you got the same email I did from our friend in need...sadly our worries turned out correct :( We gotta help her out during this time...

Heather said...

It sucks when your babies are sick, no matter how old they are!

Hope they feel better soon, and that you and John don't catch whatever bug they had!

Have a great weekend, Betty!

April said...

Hope your girlies are soon on the mend! No matter how old they get, it still breaks your heart when your "babies" are sick!

Julie said...

so sad, I hope they are feeling better! Love that you got pics and they are still gorgeous!

Betty said...

They do look beautiful! And I hope they are feeling better by now.

Mrsbear said...

They do look lovely for a couple of sick people! A fever will knock you on your butt every time. Hope they're feeling better and that you and the husband avoided catching the bug. ;)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Poor girls! I hope they're feeling better now.