Thursday, November 4, 2010

Here I is...

So yeah, I lied, I said I would be keeping up with my blog more's just ridiculously hard sometimes to get on here and write. My life isn't that interesting's just me & John and our petting zoo. I work, he works, we clean, he hunts, I sew, I quilt....that's about as exciting as our life is now. But hey, I LOVE our life, boring as it may be. No really, it's not always boring....I think.....

I committed to this picture a day on Facebook. It is extremely hard sometimes to try to figure out what to capture & post. The other day I posted this cute fabric I ordered from
Fat Quarter Shop whenever they have their 50% off Moda fabrics I get all excited!! I'm making a quilt for my sister's kids who live in New Hampshire with this "wee woodland" fabric.

Meg has been in Spain for a month and a half now and her room is exactly as she left it....a mess! HAH! It's really not that messy. The bed needs to be washed and made and the bathroom needs to be cleaned and a little dusting is in need. Easy's just been easier to keep the door shut! It's on my "to do list" for this weekend.

Reeses got neutered on Tuesday. Bless his little balls....I mean Heart....he was so groggy and walked all funny when John brought him home. He looked so pissed at us. Here he is passed out in his bed.
So I started quilting my "curly girl" quilt a few weeks ago. Here it is on the machine with Meg's crazy cat, Alice, who thinks she has to be right by my machine every. time. I. sew!
So I was just happily stippling along (actually the stitch is called meandering...but anyway) and my thread kept breaking....I would get frustrated and re-thread the machine. Finally after the umpteenth time, I took the quilt off the machine and realized the bobbin had been birdnesting for quite awhile. I took a deep breath, folded up the quilt, and laid it on the bed. I haven't touched it since. It's going to take me about 2 hours to rip out all the stitches.
:( Not Fun!

So I picked up my material for my "Stacked Coin" quilt that I was planning on selling. Here is the front of the quilt and that's Tick Tock looking at me.

Here is the backside. Well, I didn't sell it....John & I both fell in love with it, and it gets loved every night when we sit down to watch TV. This one I stippled and it is the best stippling job I've done thus far.

So there ya go. Not as interesting a life as some, but it's my life and I'm enjoying every single minute of it!

The Mad Quilter


Susie said...

You sound like you are doing GREAT!!

Dee said...

Aww Reeses is adorable! Lol poor little thing!! Sounds like you're doing great!!

April said...

So glad to know that you're plugging along! I'm really loving your quilts!

Betty said...

That´s why I´ve been blogging less too. Life is sometimes boring, but good. I like boring. :)
Love the quilt!

Anonymous said...

Yes, life does have a way of slowing down once the kids are gone, BUT you still love life. There are times when life is boring and times that you are glad it is boring. There is plenty of time to look back and time to thank God that everything turned out as well as it did inspite of ourselves.

Your quilts are beautiful. Nell

Melody said...

I'm longing for boring, so I'll live vicariously through you! :) Love the quilts and the animals in your petting zoo. :)

Mercedes said...

you are an amazing quilter wish i had your talent!

Heather said...

I can totally see why you kept that last's gorgeous! You are totally a "mad quilter" now, girl. Wow!

Love all the animals sneaking into the pics!

Yankee Girl said...

You know, I have been complaining to Leland that I think our life is boring. Though I have always loved our life together, I was afraid that it was getting stagnant. And then October happened and we had the biggest fight of our relationship, had a pregnancy scare and issues at work and I realized I like boring.

I like my boring life and I hope it stays this way for a long, long time!