Sunday, January 30, 2011


I had a very productive Saturday!

I accomplished ALL my goals and some!

The house is clean top to bottom.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous out.
75° - so me & the boys went on a walk.

We soaked up some good ole Vitamin D from mr. sun.

My Postage Stamp Quilt Top is complete!
1,200 2" squares!!!
(photo taken by: Tori)

Punctuation Quilt is sandwiched and basted!
This is a gift for a teacher friend.

And....Curly Girl is COMPLETE!!!
Once I started quilting her I knew I had to finish this beauty. My back was killing me from all the work I did all day, but I was determined to finish her! All I had left was to make the binding and sew it on. I absolutely adore her. She is a combination of the quilts I made Meg & Tori for Christmas 2009.

I made a pieced back. I think it's as pretty as the front.

Alice approves!


SwizzlestickMama said...

Jealous. Jealous. Jealous. I want sun and warm(er) weather!

As for the quilts-- love Curly Girl! Super adorable!

Glad you had a productive weekend!

SparkleFarkle said...

Wow, those pups are small! Do they sleep in teacups? Perhaps it's the camera angle... How does that cautionary tale go?: "Dogs in blogs are bigger than they seem"?

Er, where was I? Oh, yeah! I was about to say your quilts are amazing! (And so is Alice!)

Good day!

Barbara said...

I think I love this Curly Girl quilt the best so far. Maybe because it combines what you made for Meg and Tori. Who would have known they would blend so well. It is beautiful.

Heather said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Betty! You are a quilting maniac!

I am SO jealous of the 75 degrees, although we at least have some sunshine here today before the next storm comes our way.

Have a blessed week!

Melody said...

YAY!! Way to go!! I love them! So pretty!

Ugh! You had 75* weather?! Lucky! It was beautiful and warm here too... like 45*. ;)

Susie said...

You were busy!

April said...

Sounds like your weather was much like ours...absolutely PERFECT! Congrats on making some headway on your "to do" list! Keep it up!

Yankee Girl said...

It feels so good to be productive, doesn't it?

Is it still warm or have you been hit with the nightmare of a snow storm too? Leland and I are staying in for the next few days. I can assure you I will get nothing accomplished. I will be in bed the whole time!