Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quality Time

Jeez, it has been almost a week since I have been on blogger.

What have I been up to you ask? Well, I've been busy spending quality time with my husband.

See, when most couples do all their hanging out on Saturday and Sundays we have to do it on Wednesdays and Thursday nights cause that is John's weekend.

This week he didn't have the midshift so that meant we had Monday-Thursday nights to see each other from 5 pm when I get off work until usually 10 pm when I am turning orange and ready for bed. This was rare so we took advantage of it!

Monday we went to see the movie "Night at the Museum:Battle at the Smithsonian". Oh. My. Goodness. This was hilarious!!!!

Tuesday John's best friend from high school, Sean and his girlfriend, Danilla were in town from Colorado for his son's graduation. When they come in town we always meet up at Boscos in Little Rock and have dinner and drinks.

I love it that they are still friends after all these years...these two still act like they did back in high school. Oh the stories I can tell about the 3 of us driving around in Sean's 300zx.....or when we were at McDonalds...or the Oxford Inn!!!

We went to Willy D's dueling piano bar after dinner and had a BLAST singing and laughing. I stayed awake till midnight...*gasp* not like me (during the school year)!!!

Funny thing about Boscos....Tori had applied there on Friday afternoon and they hired her on the spot!! She started training the night we were there. It was cool because the guy who sat us said, "you must be Tori's mom" and then she saw us and came over and gave me & her daddy hugs and kisses! She wasn't embarrassed that we are her parents :) Love it!!!

Meg came in town and took her Daddy to lunch on Thursday. We all went and ate dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant in town...Meg spoke Spanish with them the entire time. I love to listen to her speak it.

3 more days and school is out for the summer. YAY! I applied to drive the school bus for transition camp (2 weeks long) but won't know if I got it until next week. I'm looking forward to a summer of relaxation and my personal trainer (John) whipping my butt into shape at the gym!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are getting in some quality time!! Dueling pianos, that sounds fun!

Yankee Girl said...

Sounds like you had a great week!

I'm glad you're back though cuz I missed you!

Aubrey said...

It is always great when you can get that quality time in. Forget blogging!!

My fingers will be crossed that you get the job!

Betty said...

I´m so glad that you finally got some time with hubby and your girls. It´s not to be taken lightly. Old friends are the best too. When we get together with old friends, it´s funny how the same old story´s are always retold and we still find them entertaining! :)
Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Tori said...

sounds like a nice week : )

love youuuu!

yay you're almost ready for summmmer!

Joy said...

Glad your getting to catch up with old friends. My dream car was a 280ZX then a 300ZX when they came out. Missed you in blogger world. I was thinking about you this morning because I haven't seen anything come over my reader. Glad to get an update.


The Wife O Riley said...

That is so nice that you got to spend extra time with your husband. This time of year, I rarely see Matt.