Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spice Cabinet

I was inspired to clean out my spice cabinet after reading Nicole's blog post over at The Chronicles of Nicole.

I am the messiest baker and I tend to keep my bake goods/spice cabinet just as messy.

Here is my cabinet before....I can't believe I let it get this messy. I'm quite embarrassed about it. But I'm blogging about it anyway! :)

This has all expired and had to be discarded!! Some as far back as 2004....OMG!! I can not believe it! The molasses only expired in January so I didn't feel bad that I used it in December!

All finished!!! Doesn't it look clean and organized! YAY! I combined any duplicate spices I had so I only had one container of each....except for cinnamon sticks...why do I have 2 brand new containers? Who knows!! I put all sweet spices on the right side of the doors and all the savory spices on the left. I had to use the two top shelves on the right side for some savory spices though because I ran out of room. I put the ones I use most often on the bottom for easy access.

I feel like baking now....maybe some of John's favorite cookies....Oatmeal Crasins!


Susie said...

It looks great!! I love a clean spice cabinet:-)

Becky said...

That looks great!!

I always seem to have 2 or 3 of everything in my cabinets, because they are such a mess, I buy new.
I wouldn't doubt that I have several cinnamons myself!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

It's so theraputic to see organization like this! I bet you love cooking so much more now that you can find everything!

Melody said...

My spice cabinet always looks like your "before" pic! You have inspired me to go take a look at it and see how I can organize it so that it *stays* organized! Having many bakers/cooks in my home tends to lead to disorganization, I'm afraid.

April said...

Come to my house, will a little of your magic on the mess I've created!

Betty said...

You have waaaay more spices that me, that is for sure! Your clean up looks great!

Joy said...

That looks so organized. I know you smile when you open that cabinet now. I like that you put the sweet stuff on one side and the savory on the other. Did you alphbetize?? just kidding.
It looks great.
I hate when I find expired stuff. I cleaned out my moms pantry a few years ago. You can't imagine how old some of that stuff was. She still had medicines in there from when I was a baby. I'm in my 40's. yikes!


Tori said...

your oatmeal craisin cookies!!! i am sitting here craving cookies so bad & then i read that...mmm. the best in the world.

& i'm really amazed at how organized it looks. now when meg & i come home & bake something it will look like that top photo again!

Life with Kaishon said...

It looks so great when it is all cleaned up, doesn't it. If I took a picture of mine and posted it, people would be HORRIFIED!

Mrsbear said...

Oh no, your before looks like my spice cabinet now. I'm a mess. I also have a baking shelf in the pantry that's equally as distressing. Every time I decide I've got to declutter I always find duplicates and expired ingredients. Oops.

Heather said...

I love this spice cabinet, with the holders on the doors!

Nothing like getting organized to help you feel better. And make you want to cook! John will benefit from that, I'm sure :)