Friday, August 6, 2010

The Mad Quilter

Last week I was in the mood to thrift. So John & I headed towards town. We never made it to town. I saw an estate sale sign so we went there. I was thrilled when I saw this furniture & knew it would look perfect in my sewing room.

It's was made in 1976 by Ethan Allen. So you know it's high quality furniture. I LOVE the daffodil yellow's so retro.

Above is actually 3 different pieces. I put them along the wall so I would have more space to move around the room and easier access to my supplies when sewing.

View from the other side.

My cutting station is just to the left of my machine now. So much easier than behind me.

I have plenty of drawer space to hold my fabrics now. I love that I can display my Holly Hobbie dolls (from my childhood) on a shelf instead of in a basket on the floor.

It can still be used as a guest room if needed. But they would hate it when I wake them up at 6 am so I can sew.

I am lovin' my new sewing room. It's so 70's, cozy & inspiring me to get in there and create beautiful things.

John has nicknamed me "The Mad Quilter." So I put the saying on my cork board.


Heather said...

I love the new digs! What a great find! Surrounding yourself in happy colors will bring out the creativity in that Mad Quiltin' heart of yours. Can't wait to see more of what you create.

I spent a lot of time last week escaping from the heat into my craft room. Got over 24 Christmas cards and another dozen birthday cards made. Good times!

Susie said...

You know what? My cousin had those EXACT shelves in her room growing up!! I LOVED that furniture and it looks great where you put them too:-)

Betty said...

The furniture looks great Betty! I´m happy you found it and that it makes you so happy. :)

Melody said...

Congratulations!! It looks so beautiful and organized.