Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sports Bunko

Augusts Bunko theme was "Sports."

Beth always has the best ideas....she put on make-up to make her look really tan!

It was Naomi's bunko month...but since her house is being renovated we had it at my house.

I borrowed this cheer-leading outfit from my neighbor. The pom poms were Meg's when she cheered in jr. high.

Jennifer wore her sons basketball uniform!

It was another fun girls night! I didn't win, again!


Susie said...

You have got to win one of these times:-)

Joy said...

You looked great in your little cheerleading uniform. Once again you all dressed up so fun.
I love your group.
♥ Joy

Heather said...

I love how you all have such a good turnout every month! Wish I lived'd win from me for sure. I have no luck at games whatsoever, but I love to play them anyway :)

You make an adorable cheerleader!