Saturday, October 2, 2010


Since Meg left for Spain the house is quieter, the kitchen stays clean, her car is always parked in the driveway, and John & I don't get meals prepared for us anymore! We both miss her morning eggs and potatoes....and I miss my morning coffee and conversation with Hillary...we became very close this summer, and I have to say, I am happy that she is a part of Meg's life! She is a wonderful woman!

Life has gone back to the way it was before she moved in for the summer. We are empty-nesters once again. We work our different schedules, not seeing each other for days at a time, spending all of Sunday alone, since this is the only entire day we have together, and then doing it all over again.

Meg started a blog....unlike her mother, she is an amazing writer!! She majored in Creative can visit her here if you'd like, and read about her adventures in Spain.

I know my posts have been far and few between...I'm going to try to be a better blogger since Meg is in Spain...that way she can read about what is going on over here in our lives.


Melody said...

I love your blog! And I'm excited that you are determined to post more... I'll come visit you every time. :)

Betty said...

Very good reason for keeping your blog up to date. Your daughter will thank you later. Even if you think, we just talked on the phone, they still want to read about home and what you´re doing.
I´ll be visiting Meg´s blog for sure!

peachplumpearadise said...

You know I get my writing skills from you! :)