Saturday, October 9, 2010

this summer

I made a memory quilt out of some of my dad's old clothes. I surprised my mother with it on the 4th anniversary of his passing.

It was one of the hardest things I have ever made. Every time I would iron the clothes I would smell my dad. It was just overall a very emotional experience.

I taught Meg how to make a quilt this summer as well.

I was very impressed with her quilt! She is a quick learner. She made this baby quilt for a couple that she worked with.

(back of quilt)

I am currently working on 3 quilts. Two of them I am planning on selling....well, I'm going to attempt to sell them. One is a 'stacked coin' pattern and the other is a 'winter storybook quilt'.


SparkleFarkle said...

Your mom must have been so incredibly warmed (inside and out!) by your stitches joining special Dad-memories together. You are a wonderful daughter indeed!

I love the stacked coin pattern! I'm a stripey person and this is a nice variation, if you don't necessarily think of the strips as towers of coins (because if I do, I want to spend them!)


Melody said...

Those are beautiful! What a great quilt that is, made out of your dad's clothes.

Meg said...

You sew girl! Hah...I'm such a nerd. I've been itching to sew since I've been here! It's hard to learn a new skill and then be left stranded without the instrument.

Heather said...

Betty, you are so talented! I'm sure your mom will treasure that quilt for the rest of her life.

How awesome that you're sharing your love of quilting with your family. Meg's quilt is lovely, and I'm sure it made a great gift.

April said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful way to help keep your dad's memory alive. I bet your mom was blown away! Sure wish I knew how to quilt. Maybe one day!:)

Aubrey said...

Wow Betty! Just beautiful! What a lovely way to remember your daddy.

I wish I lived closer so you could teach me how to quilt! Everything you have made is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Betty, what a wonderful way to remember your Dad. That was such a thoughtful and loving expression of the bond you shared with him.