Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birthday, Quilts & Blankies

John turned 42 this past weekend. All day he kept saying, Babe, 42....42 babe. We celebrated on his day by going to Coco's, our favorite Mexican restaurant. All he wanted was a GIANT Margarita! We got there before happy hour was over so we could get that sucker for 1/2 price!

Let me just say when you turn 42...eat a lot of Mexican & drink (almost) all a giant margarita....this is what happens to you at 7pm.

You pass out...on the couch with your coat & glasses still on.

I finished binding & quilting the Color Me Badd quilt on Saturday. Today, Tori delivered it to it's owner. I'll admit...I had a hard time seeing it go. I always get attached to my quilts, but this one was different...I mean I really got attached to it. Maybe because I dreamt of the design in the middle of the night and got up right then and sketched it all out.

My label...I finally remembered to label a quilt! I've forgotten to do so on the last 3.

I'm happy that it's going to be loved.

Dinosaur has been wanting a quilt like his brother Reeses. I don't have the time right now to make another doggy quilt, so I whipped him up this flannel blankie. It's funny because he knows it's his.


April said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby, Betty! Yep...taking a little nap is all just part of it! Aww...looks like Dinosaur (love the name!) is really enjoying his new blankie!:)

Heather said...

I am LOVING that napping picture! Perfect! Happy (belated) birthday, John!

Dee said...

Girl, that quilt is beautiful! Lol...the same would happen to me if I drank that margarita too!

Susie said...

That is what MY husband did when he turned 42!!! LOL!!!

Mercedes said...

I wish you lived close so you could give me quilting lessons. You have a gift!

Betty said...

Happy birthday to you John! He´s so cute, falling asleep like that.
Love the quilts and wish I could order one from here!

Melody said...

Happy Birthday to John! and boy can I relate!

Great quilt!!

And your little doggie is just precious! :)