Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hey blog pals -

I am back from SPAIN!!! We have actually been home since Saturday. I am SO jet-lagged still. It's been hard getting up at 4am everyday for work and than working for 9 1/2 hours. I talked with several nurse/doctor friends of mine and they said it might take me up to a week to adjust back to this time zone. Several others said something about flying west messes them up and that's how we flew home. Hopefully by Saturday I will be well adjusted! So, I am hoping to post photos and tell you all about my trip over to see my daughter, Meg, and the beautiful country of Spain this weekend.

Meanwhile, do any of you have an iphone? If so, do you have Instagram? I am obsessed with this app. If you want to follow me I'm.....@bettylovesashley

Can't wait to catch up on reading your blogs and seeing what has been going on in your lives. But right now....I'm going to bed!



Heather said...

Sadly, I do not have an iphone, so no instagram for me :(

I will have to wait patiently for your post, although I have been loving the pics on Facebook so far.

Hope you feel better soon! Can't wait to hear about the highlights of the trip...

Dee said...

The pics you've posted on fb of your trip are gorgeous!! I don't have an Iphone, I want one so bad lol!

I'm gonna have to email you a cute background that I found the other day, I immediately thought of you when I saw it! I guess it's because it kind of reminds me of a quilt lol! If you ever decided that you want to redo your blog, I'll design you a layout (no charge) if you'd like! Just sayin'!

Melody said...

What fun! I'm looking forward to seeing pics! (hint, hint ;)

Susie said...

Welcome back! I hope you catch up on rest soon:-)

April said...

Looking so forward to hearing all about your trip!!! Welcome HOME!

Becky said...

What is the time difference?? Oh my goodness?? That sounds terrible, I KNOW I would be jet lagged! It is Saturday as I type this, so I how that you feeling better now :)

What a neat trip...I am SO glad you guys got to go on it! I can't wait to get to do things like that with Mike!