Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm in the Spirit of Christmas

I went to the doctor yesterday morning because I haven't been able to kick this cough and headache and I just felt lethargic! Well, I have a very nasty Upper Respiratory Infection and was getting Laryngitis. Nurse Karen gave me a shot in the buttocks to kick start my recovery. I went to Walgreen's and picked up my very expensive medication.....$75 worth of medication (that's my co-pay)
I was so embarrassed because I couldn't stop hacking the entire time the pharmacist was counseling me on the medication. So I have been taking my antibiotic, a medicine called Allerx and the very expensive cough syrup, Tussionex-----that makes you feel all floaty and relaxed-----and best of all it STOPS the cough!!!! It is so worth the $35 for a 10 day supply!! I stayed home today since I'm on 2 meds that say don't drive or operate heavy machinery. Um, yea, that means don't drive the school bus! Darn! A day off from the bus and the classroom!

What's a girl to do?

Seeing that I slept almost all day yesterday and all night.....I was feeling pretty good by 10 am and even better by 1 pm! So I was able to finish 4 of my homemade gifts that I'm making the girls for Christmas. I want to share them with you but they read my I can't show until after Christmas! Oh and I sat on my butt all day making them so I wasn't doing anything strenuous.

The Spirit of Christmas really hit me today while I was making the gifts. I decided to take some photos and show you all some of my favorite decorations.

This is our new 9 foot tree. I really like it 'cause it's slim around the bottom. It fits perfect here in the foyer. Our old tree was about a foot wider and stuck out to much.

My favorite ornaments are the ones the girls made growing up. Here is an angel that Megan made in the 2nd grade. She still draws faces like this.

This was done by Toria in the 4th grade. She had her cursive handwriting down packed!

Megan mad this ornament out of wrapping paper when she was in the 1st grade. You can see the paper candy cane in the background....both girls made one of these in kindergarten.

This lovely snowman was made by both the girls out of a sock they stole from their daddy. His face is starting to fade....that makes me sad. The bead ornament was made by Tori.

This card and present was made by Toria in the 1st grade.

It was really emotional this year putting out all these homemade gifts the girls made us growing up. I cried like a baby all day Saturday as I was decorating.

Here are some of the Santa's John inherited when his Grandpa passed away. His grandparents collected Santa's. We proudly display them every year.

Here's the tree at night.

My mantle. Every year I do my mantel different. This year I didn't wrap lights around the garland or put my silver beads around it. I wish I would have!

Some more of the antique Santa's. Those two black ones(the color has worn) are cast iron...very heavy! I love the sleeping Santa's....they are actually piggy banks!

The little Santa in the middle has blue eyes....he is a little creepy.

This is one of my favorite pieces!!! Let me tell you the story behind this arrangement. I was in Michael's a few years back. It was right at the end of December. I heard over the loud speaker...."Attention Michael's customers for the next 30 minutes all Christmas Merchandise including florals are 90% off!" Holy and every other woman ran to the front and started grabbing up stuff. This arrangement was originally....$379.00! I got it for $38!! I was a happy camper! They do this every just have to be there at the right time!

I'm feeling relieved with all that I have accomplished today! I'm in the Christmas Spirit and can't wait to spend time with my daughter's and John (he will be on vacation from work) This Christmas we decided to buy the girls one expensive item they really needed or wanted. The girls came up with the idea of doing mostly homemade gifts for each other. I'm super excited about that!
I'm excited to be celebrating Jesus' birth and I have such awe and worship in my heart for Him!

I'm feeling so much better and I am thankful to God for answering my prayers on that!

My house is all ready for my Dessert Party on Sunday!!! All I have left to do is buy the ingredients to make cider, punch and the CHEESECAKE!! Oh and a few....ok....many bottles of wine!!!!


Heather said...

Um, I'm not sure if I was supposed to be able to read that what that font below the last few pictures was?

Or are you just high from all those meds?

I'm calling Michelle now to see if she sees the same thing.

Then I'm calling Becky. Girl, you need some sleep.

dddiva said...

Hahaha was just going to say I think you switched fonts mid-post. I sure as heck can't read it but I LOVE the girls ornaments they are the best!
Your tree is gorgeous but of course, I expected that.
Hope you are feeling better, glad you got some time to relax.

heathersister said...

Yeah, Heather called. Had to see for myself. Man, can I get some of that cough medicine. You must be feelin' fine mama.LOL

heathersister said...

What the hell does that say anyway. Inquiring minds want to know.

Aubrey said...

Ooooohhh...pretty...I'm sure they'd look sparkly too if I had some of that cough syrup.
The girls are right! What's going on??? LOL

Ashley said...

Wow! I just love all these decorations! The tree and garland around your banister is just beautiful!!! I hope you are feeling better!