Monday, June 8, 2009


Happiness~ state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.


I realized today that I missed my 1 year was on June 3rd. I'll think of something to make and have a giveaway to celebrate! I love giveaways; they make me happy!

I got to thinking about other things that have made me happy this past week since school ended on June 3rd for the summer!

John being my personal trainer at the gym and having NO mercy on me!!! Yes, this makes me happy because he knows how bad I want to lose these stubborn few inches.

Doing my Hot Yoga in the hot's really hot and summer isn't even officially here yet.

Meg came home and spent a few days....very rare! That made me happy!

Getting to have Tori as our waitress at Boscos and boasting that she is my baby girl. Knowing she is happy with her job makes me happy!!

Making this skirt without a pattern and it actually coming out cute!!!
This is me wearing it after it had been washed(per request from some of you). My hair looked horrible so I chopped my head me, you didn't want to see it. Frizz city!

Moving some of the house plants on the porch for the makes me happy to see them thrive outside.

Discovering several more blackberry bushes in the backyard!! I'm so excited to eat these delicious berries with my granola.

The first green beans of the season from my patio garden!

Watching Reeses as he spies a dragonfly.....and then watching him try to catch it.

A night out at the piano bar with a group of friends. LAUGHTER!!!!

Making plans with these ladies for a girlfriends cruise!!!

Fresh cut daisies from my garden & a bowl of cherries on my kitchen table.

Discovering a tomato plant growing out of my compost bin....I'm gonna leave it and see what it produces.

Finally putting the dresser in the room where it belongs...I finally have my foyer back!

Sleeping in as late as I want to in my cozy bed!!! Actually, sleeping in for me is no later than 6:30 am. But it's better than 4 am and I wake up on my own NOT by an alarm clock!

Getting to spend the ENTIRE day with John on his days off equals extreme happiness!!!

What has made you happy this past week?


dddiva said...

What a great post- happy for me- Blondie graduating, Dev having a great report card, Dawn's BF is flying in from Hong Kong tomorrow for a couple weeks, spending alot of time with Kyra and Ian and seeing her happier than she has been in a long time, the delicousness coming out of my kitchen (the smells alone are enough to thrill you), Ken getting his hours back at work, the list goes on and on and on. LIFE IS GREAT! I just love the summertime.

Heather said...

Just reading about what makes you happy and seeing all the great glad you're back into the bloggy swing of things. I've missed you!

Things that made me happy this week? Watching Elijah pitch a great game of baseball AND get an awesome hit, all in the same winning game. Riding rides with my kids at KI (Isabel even rode Diamondback with me, and Gabe is just a blast to ride anything with). Really loving my new job. Already having a tan (thanks to baseball). Strawberries in the garden...

Yep, we sure do have lots to be happy about. It's gonna be a great summer!

April said...

I'm doin' the Happy Dance after reading your post! I can't believe you made that skirt without a pattern! Mine would look so ridiculous! A girlfriend's cruise...what fun that would be!

As for me, just spending time with my girls and hubby makes me happy. This summer is bittersweet for me with Brittany now a senior. Seems like everything we do together anymore is a soon-to-be last opportunity. Oh, this next year is going to be a rough one! :(

Queenie Jeannie said...

You are one HAPPY LADY!!! I love all the news updates on your happiness! I haven't made the bloggy rounds in ages and it's so nice to catch up!!

Keep being happy!!!!

Susie said...

You have a lot to be happy about this week:-)

Betty said...

I´m so happy you are happy! But girl, I don´t see why you want to loose weight! You look fabulous and so does the skirt you made!
What made me happy is that I am healthy again. Without health....what is there?

Melody said...

I'm glad that you are lovin' your summer!

Your house is so pretty. I love the way you've decorated it!

Mercedes said...

The skirt looks fantastic. It is such a blessing that you get happiness from so many things. Makes life great.

Julie said...

that is a great skirt and tons of fun out with friends... what is making me happy is the fact Eli is getting better and that I will be able to stop giving him belly shots this sunday

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Happy? When my girls play nicely for 5 minutes. :)

The Wife O Riley said...

I bought a yoga DVD and a Pilates DVD. I will be doing one each morning. I believe that will also contribute to my happiness.


Awesome. Stopping by from SITS!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Oooohhhhhh aaaaaahhhh. Love the skirt!

My mom and my sisters have been with me this weekend and we went to Farm Chicks. Happiness personified.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

What a wonderful post! You have so many things to make you happy. Reeses is SO cute!

Anonymous said...

Mmm those berries look so good! I just wanna pick them right now!

That puppy is too darn cute!

Love that skirt! (frizzy!)

Anonymous said...

Last week was a pretty alright right week for me....Friday was my FB day over at SITS and I had a 4 day weekend....Got almost nothing accomplished on my list of things I wanted to do but that's alright too.

Aubrey said...

Reeses is TOO flippin adorable!!! What a great list!

Oh! And the skirt looks great! I knew it would!