Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I bought this dresser from my friend, Cindy, along with a full size iron bed for $75 last year. I actually feel like I stole them at that price.

The dresser sat in the garage untouched until last month. John finally got to start working on it.

Here it is all taken apart and in the condition we bought it. You can see the potential this dresser has to be a gorgeous piece.

Side view....the grain of the wood is beautiful. There was a lot of wax on the top and it had been neglected for quite sometime. John had his work cut out for him removing all the build up of years of dust and dirt that was in every crevice.

The drawers stripped of the old finish and sanded down.

Side view....see that grain I was talking about!?!!

All stripped and sanded down and waiting to be stained.

It stayed here in this spot covered up for 3 weeks because of all the rain we had.

Finally, the rain quit and John got to finish staining the dresser.

It came out amazingly beautiful!!! Here it is finished!! It is an early 1920's piece but I am unsure of its origin.

John had to buy new drawer pulls. He found antique looking ones at Home Depot and they look really good.

Isn't it just beautiful?! John did an awesome job!! I am so proud of him. This isn't the first piece we own that he has re-done....he did my antique radio cabinet as well.

I love the Barley Twist wood around the mirror. I wonder who was the first owner of this beautiful piece? Who looked into that mirror and what their thoughts were. 80 years old and it is beautiful once again.

Now, we just need to move it from the foyer to the bedroom upstairs. It has sat in the foyer for two weeks now. We are procrastinators!!


Sandy Toes said...

Amazing!!! It looks wonderful!!!!
sandy toe

Julie said...

you did a great job! Beautiful

Heather said...

Wow, I am in awe! How incredibly talented, not only to be able to refinish it so well, but to have the eye to see the potential in a dusty old piece of furniture that alot of people would just throw away.

Thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

It turned out gorgeous! We have refinished a "few" special pieces and it is sooo worth it, if you can take the time and do it right.

Looks like you did a beautiful job!

April said...

You did a super job, Betty! What a gorgeous piece of furniture to be treasured always.

The Wife O Riley said...

Once again, I am in awe!

You did a beautiful job!

Melody said...

I love it!!!

Joy said...

Jon worked some magic with that. It is beautiful.


Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Gorgeous! Great job!!!

I love it!

dddiva said...

You did an amazing job. Me, I see junk then wish I had the vision to see potential like that.

Yankee Girl said...

So beautiful! I bet it looks amazing in your house!

Rachael said...


Hollie said...

wow what a makeover! it is beautiful! great job! i love the twist around the mirror.

Mercedes said...

Great work. I love antiques and thinking about the life that was lived around the item and the history and secrets the item holds.

Chaotic Creations by Kristen said... I wish we had those talents!! Beautiful Job!
Thanks for stopping by and saying hi earlier!! Have a GREAT weekend!
I hope to hear from you again!

Jennie said...

totally gorgeous... I love to get a great steal like that... and it feels good to take something with potential and make it that way with yoiur own hands... great job!!!

Aubrey said...


He did do an amazing job! I love old pieces like this. Stuff just isn't built that way anymore!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is amazing!