Monday, June 15, 2009

Sawing Logs

For over 21 years I have been sharing a bed with John. I am totally use to his snoring. There have been many times where he has fallen asleep before me and started snoring and I was able to drift into sleep no problem.

Last night-not so much!

We turned the TV off at 11:00 pm. John falls asleep in a matter of minutes.

I can feel my body start to relax and then I jump....his snoring was so loud it scared the bejeezus out of me.

I give it a few minutes....I carefully tap him on the butt and quietly say, "Honey, turn over". He does and I try to relax again.

That's how the entire night went. "Honey, Babe...turn over!!!!!!"

"YOU ARE SNORING!!!!" He had the whole bed was the worse I have ever heard him snore.

He was happy in la la land; meanwhile I'm over on the other side debating on whether or not to go get in another bed. I chose not to because my bed is so comfy.

I laid there wide awake thinking I need to go to Kohls and buy a full size pillow top mattress (like the one we have on our bed) for the spare room so I'd at least be comfortable if I needed to switch beds.

By 3 am I am quite tired of hearing him snore. I'm afraid to startle him....(I've done this in the past and ended up with a fat lip..accident of course.... he felt horrible about it) but I just needed to...I. Needed. Sleep!


It worked! He mumbled a few words that sounded like...whabet oh I hushfiek....

I'm still thinking about investing in that pillow top mattress though!

Some of you asked what a Fat Quarter was-----it is a quarter of a yard of fabric that measures 18"x 22".....I use them to make my skirts and quilts.


Becky said...

Oh totally should have called me last night! Lol, I was up all hours of the night due to MIKE"S snoring!! We watched Trubloods primiere {{did you guys??}} and I was all wound up and he was ggoonnee~! I asked him to turn over a zillion times, but then he agrees so amicably, but then within minutes turns right back over again...Ack!!
That's so funny that you laid there contenplaiting a pillowtop for the spare bed room because I contemplait injury, murder,....grrrr!
2 fat sleeping pills later, I have a late start to my day, but everyone is alive;)

Aubrey said...

I have a snorer too! LOL When he is super exhausted, I better just prepare for that freight train in my room all.night.long.
My options would be to sleep with the toddler who is wiggle worm to the MAX, the tween who is a night talker (and sometimes she yells! LOL scary.) or the stinky teen. I guess there is always the couch.
So...are you tired today?!

Yankee Girl said...

Are you sure you weren't in bed with my husband? He puts me through the same thing!

Good luck getting some zzz's :)

SwizzlestickMama said...

Lol! I was dealing with the exact same thing last night--only, I also had to be up with the baby, so...not such a big deal. Just annoying!

My husband used to talk in his sleep a lot. I could have full conversations with him in his sleep and he'd have no clue the next morning! I had a lot of fun with that though!

Joy said...

Unfortunately, I'm the one being pushed and told to roll over. Lately I've been sleeping on my back and oh boy. Look out. (I'm turning into my mother) :(

About the fat quarters. Paige and I went to a quilt show on Saturday. There was a lady selling them for $1.00 each if you purchased 25. Do you think that is a good price. I went ahead and got 25. Both girls are starting a sewing class and need 10 each. So I didn't know if that was a good price or not.


Joy said...

Oh, also our dog Libby snores. So Keith has to listen to both of us.


Heather said...

My MIL bought a pillow top mattress cover for her spare bedroom, and that is EXACTLY where she escapes to when my FIL starts his snoring...

Maybe you should follow suit.

Good luck!

The Wife O Riley said...

Matt gets bad sometimes too. One time he was awoken by me trying to smother him with a pillow.

Susie said...

My husband snores so loud, I have to leave the bed. The other bed is less comfortable but I can at least sleep.

Tori said...

oooh dad...

Mrsbear said...

Ugh. I would've been worn out too. My husband snores on occasion but usually a nudge will get him to turn over and hush up. A repeat of your night though, and I would definitely invest in that extra pillow top. ;)

Anonymous said...

My hubby is the SAME! I saw on a snoring news special once that if they don't stop you are supposed to elbow them in the chest! Lol! That's what I do!

Anonymous said...

I recommend a sleep study be done. Snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea, which is a serious disruption of incoming air due to an obstruction in the airway.

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