Monday, July 6, 2009

Couples Date

It was that time for another couples date with our good friends! This time we decided to just have a cookout at Ron & Robbie's house.

Ron grilled chicken, salmon burgers & ribeye steak.

Doug supervising Ron.

Hey guys look over here!

We kept looking at different cameras.

Then we started making funny faces....ahahaha.

Abbi fell asleep while eating her food.

Justin enjoying his 2nd 14 you can do that!!

Mason & Ethan playing video games.

Allison enjoying her ice cream cone.

My man helped with the dishes.

Dala & Robbie thought it was funny to shoot the watermelon up with Mango Rum the night before. John and I knew something was up when we saw the watermelon. It had a cut out on top and band-aids all over it. (I forgot to take picture) I took a big bite and about was like taking a shot of pure alcohol...It took my breath. They were laughing at me until they took a bite and the same thing happened to them!! We all could only eat 1 piece.

We played Hand & Foot....guys verse girls....the guys won but they cheated!

It was a fun time as usual!!!


Shannon said...

Guys always cheat!

SparkleFarkle said...

Man, talk about your serious cook-outers-- LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT GRILL! LOL! Hi! Just blopping by after visiting Wife O Riley's. (Followed a virtual trail of corn to your blog to see what's up.) Likely to drop by again, if that's okay?

Becky said...

Who would think of shooting Mango Rum into watermelon,lol!!! I bet that DID take your breath away;)

The kids are adorable. The look just like their Mama's. You can tell who belongs to who.

Rebecca Jo said...

Visiting from SITS! Glad to visit - I see you commenting on alot of the same blogs I follow!!!

Love the pic of sleeping while eating... cute when a kiddo does it - but can you imagine if an adult did it - we'd be like "What's wrong with them?" - hehe!

BTW - your daughters are GORGEOUS - that pic on your side bar!!

The Wife O Riley said...

I LOVE Hand and Foot!! I haven't played in years. I think it's about time that Emerson learns it.

Looks like a wonderful time, and always stay away from fruit with bandaids.

Heather said...

Bandaids on watermelon. I'll consider that a warning...

Looks like a great time! I love having fun with other couples, and grilling out and playing cards is my favorite. We're euchre fans, though.

Great pictures!

Tammy Howard said...

Oh, I do love me some spiked watermelon!!!

Betty said...

Never even heard of spiked watermelon! :) But it sounds good.
Looks like a fun date with friends. The best kind for me!

Yankee Girl said...

Remember how I told you I thought your man was yummy? Well he's 10 times hotter now that I know he helps with dishes!

And the pic of Abbi sleeping was so flippin adorable!

April said...

What a great group of buddies! Rum in watermelon is a new one to me, too! Yikes! I definitely think your funny face wins hands down! Super cute!

Susie said...

Looks like a great time with great friends! That's awesome:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh that watermelon sounds yummo!

Joy said...

What a fun night.
That watermelon would do me in.


Night Owl Mama said...

Wow you 's look like you have a blast I need friends like that. luv the face of your hubby doing dishes he looked Thrilled LOL

kids are adorable

Aubrey said...

What a fun summer night!

I'm going to have to shoot up my watermelon next time. How funny!