Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Week of W's

Workout-With this being our 1st full summer as empty-nesters.... I wondered what John & I were going to do with our time. I never imagined I would LOVE going to the gym with him. I am not kidding here when I say that John has been real tough on me in the gym! He gets loud and says, One more rep".... "You can do it" ...."Push it" and I do! Although at times my muscles are burning so bad I feel as if I'm going to puke (literally) I love that we are working out together! I love seeing the results of all that hard work!

Being silly out back while Tori takes pictures.

Are you all sick of me talking about my workouts and my weight??? haha

Weeds- How tall should I let the weeds get in my garden before I go out there and pull them?? I have been a bad gardener this year. Just not into it this summer. I did pull one the last week and it was already 2 feet tall!! Yikes!! So, after looking at my to-do-list on the white board and getting sick of seeing."weed garden" I finally crossed it out and went out there. There were SO many and look another 2 footer! I feel better now that I did it.

Weeds the show (on Showtime) is off to a great season!!! I love how everyone is treating Celia in this season....they are so mean to her it's hilarious! Ah, I just love this show!!

Walk- Our gym was closed on the 4th and John & I were bummed out! That is our Cardio only day. We enjoy walking on the treadmill a few miles and chit chatting. John decided we were gonna get up early and go walk the track at the high school. This is major for him because #1 he hates to walk outside, it hurts his ankle(he broke it back in the 90's and had surgery) ....#2 he doesn't get off work until 11 pm on for him to get up at 8am to walk with me is major indeed! The weather was breeze and the sun was behind the clouds. We walked 3 miles.

Worry- Tori has been visiting for a few days this week and she brought her kitty, Lili with her. I worry every time Lili goes upstairs because she walks on the outside of the balcony railing and has already fallen twice....12 feet down!

- Reeses is getting better about chasing the neighbors. We have this newspaper that is rolled up with blue tape. We have used this since he was a puppy. When he was bad I would smack it in my hand and he didn't like the sound. I brought it outside with me when he had to potty....I showed it to him before we walked out....some people were coming up the street and I showed him the paper, slapped it on my hand to make a loud pop and said, No, sit!....he sat down and watched them as they walked by!!! Whoo-hoo!!!

Wishing- Remember awhile back when I told you all about my bus run being taken away from me because the lady won her law suit? Well, that lady's husband was just sworn in as the new Mayor. Rumor is she is going to be so busy as the Mayor's wife she is retiring form the bus. If this is true then I should get the bus run back!! Oh, I'm wishing on every star that this happens!!!

Wine- I haven't had any wine in 2 weeks. I'm trying to cut it out for an entire month. I really like to have a least one glass a night because of all the health benefits. But, one glass can be 120 empty calories.

Waitress- Both my daughter's are waitresses. Funny story.....Tori had a table where a lady ordered a Shirley Temple for her daughter. Tori walked away and was unsure whether or not to card the girl. She asked a co-worker what she should do and he said she should card her. So....*I'm laughing as I type this* Tori goes over to the table and asks the girl for some ID. The mom says...Why? Shirley Temples are virgin drinks....Tori said, "Oh, my manager walked by the table & said you needed to be, sorry about that..." and walked away. Bless her heart!

Meg works in a bar. Everyday she has the same guy come in and sit in her section. He orders a water and a pickle spear. Doesn't tip her anything and is very creepy...he flirts with her in a gross way. Some of the stories she tells John & I about the customers just makes my skin crawl. But, she makes very, very good money so she puts up with the creeps.


Heather said...

I just pulled a huge weed out of my garden yesterday, too. How on earth do those suckers get so big?

You look amazing! Be proud of your success; we won't get tired of hearing you blog about it. Gives us all some inspiration!

Sounds like you're having a great summer!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Look at those arms! Woo Hoo!

I love the gym, too. And I am actively trying to get my husband into fitness. So far, he will only use the treadmill at home, but it's a start!

Aubrey said...

Must be the summer for giant weeds! I can't tell you how many I have pulled. And they keep on popping up!!

You are looking FABulous girlfriend! Just amazing! Loving the guns. LOL

Tammy Howard said...

My hubs and I walk at 4:30 am! Crazy talk, right? But it's what we've got.

I waited tables for awhile. I think everyone should do it at least once in their life. It builds character.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Y'all look amazing! Wow, you should be so proud of your hard work.
I'm loving all of your W's!

Yankee Girl said...

Your arms look amazing! You and the hubby both have some sexy deltoids...they are my favorite muscle in the arms and I always check them out on everyone!

I just started by wine embargo and so far it's been three days. I'm finding it to be tricky, especially since I am used to having a glass with dinner every night. But hopefully it will pay off and I'll lose weight quicker! Good luck making it through the month!

April said...

Check out those guns! I am very, very impressed, girl! The workouts are definitely paying off! Gotta run...I'm off to the park myself for some good ol' cardio!

Multiple personalities.. said...

Wow! You and your hubby are in such great shape, wish I could get my arms to look that good. I'm getting there though, slowly but surely. And your girls are beautiful! And I just got into the show "Weeds", and I must say, it's quite hilarious! It was nice meeting you via SITS!

natalie said...

mrs. betty-
you look HOTT! YOU GO, GIRL!

Susie said...

You guys look fantastic!!!

Karen (KayKay) said...

Look at your arms! Great job! I've been doing zero weed-pulling around here this summer. Absolutely no motivation to do yard work. The gross, non-tipping man sounds totally creepy. Maybe your daughter could tell her manager and a guy could wait on him?

SparkleFarkle said...

Great blog! Your second "W" reminds me of one of my favorite Jack Handeyisms: "If you ever go temporarily insane, don't shoot somebody, like a lot of people do. Instead, try to get some weeding done, because you'd really be surprised." Happy JACK HANDEY FRIDAY on a Thursday!

Becky said...

We just finished season 2 last night of Weeds...Peter is DEAD! I am on my way RIGHT NOW to buy season 3 and 4. I might as well order showtime too, cause I can tell ya we are hooked!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow woman! You're gettin buff!

Can't you just flex at the bus lady in a threatening way?

Joy said...

Hey muscle woman, all that hard work is paying off. You look mahvelous.
I hear being a mayors wife is quite time consuming so I think she should live up to her new civic duty and resign her bus run.

I think creepy guy with the pickle should be waited on by someone else. yuck.

I have a feeling Tori will be reminded of the Shirley Temple story for a long time.


Anonymous said...

I used to waitress and one time a customer cornered me and was telling me I was his soul mate. It was freaky. The manager had to kick him out. Yes, there are ALL sorts of people in this world...

Dang girl, you look Good!