Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Ring

All of you that follow my blog know how John & I love us some Copeland's restaurant!! We were super excited to see that the town his parents live in have one. So we decided to treat his parents to a meal out.

Brad & Nell had never been to Copeland's before.

Meg took this picture of Tori & I. Sometimes it's hard to believe she is my baby.

Speaking of hard to believe....I still can't believe I have a daughter old enough to drink with me! Meg & I shared a bottle of Pinot Noir....our favorite!

My love!

If you go to Copeland's you have to get the Artichoke & Spinach is served with fried bow tie pasta for dipping!

For dessert.....

My mother in law got the Brownie Deluxe. I'm not a chocolate fan so I didn't try it but they said it was good.

We (John & I and the girls) shared a Bananas Foster Cheesecake Napoleon! All I can say is this cheesecake is melt in your mouth good! Mmmm

So about the title of my post....The Ring

We are done eating and Brad said, "This is a good time to do the ceremonial passing of the ring."

No one knew what he was getting ready to do.

He slipped off a Ruby ring from his right hand and handed it to John across the table.

Brad explained to John that this ring belonged to his dad. On his parents first wedding anniversary Marie (John's grandma) gave it to John (John's Granddaddy).

When Brad turned 17 years old his Dad gave it to him.

Now, he passed it on to his son.

It was quite an emotional I'm sure will remain with John forever!

It was another enjoyable day in Georgia. This picture above cracks me up....the waitress offered to take our photo....she told Brad she couldn't see him so he leaned back instead of forward :)

On our last day there John went out on the boat with his dad. The fish were going crazy! That was the most fish Brad had caught on that lake in a single day. I think like 16 or something. John brought him good luck!

Any man can be a father.
It takes someone special to be a dad.


Heather said...

What a wonderful tradition! I'm sure John will treasure it forever.

You and your girls are, as always, stunning. I can't imagine how proud you are of the two of them.

Beautiful family, Betty. Thanks for sharing a piece of it with us :)

Tammy Howard said...

I love family traditions like that! Wonderful!

I can't wait to have a glass of wine with my daughter!

American in Norway said...

Awww. that was sooo sweet.
I can't believe the girls are your all look like sisters,, : )

Susie said...

That's an awesome tradition! Your family is so awesome:-)

Look at the yummy food!!

Aunt Julie said...

What a fun time! BTW, SITS sent me over. I'm having a giveaway where everyone's a winner, so please drop by if you have the chance...

Karen (KayKay) said...

What a wonderful father to son tradition! You and your daughter look like sisters - seriously. We also love that artichoke dip. Fun post!

Joy said...

Ok.. I'm dabbing my eyes with a tissue too reading the ring story. What a sweet thoughtful thing to do.
Now the dilemma. Who gets it next.
First grandson maybe???
I love Copelands. There aren't many left. A lot of them closed down. I always ordered the eggplant piergou (sp) horrible spelling I know, I can't spell it or pronounce it. I just know its GREAT! We found a Copelands in Southlake, TX when we were there for spring break. It was so good to go back to one.


April said...

I love the story you shared about "the ring"...actually brought tears to my eyes. What a treasure! Yes, Copeland's rocks in my book, too!

Ashley said...

How special! Love traditions like this.

We had a Copeland's here but apparently they never paid their taxes and were shut down. Oh, well!

Betty said...

What a great tradition! I love it. The ring looks awesome and I´m sure John will cherish it!
The food looked great too and I will have to remember the name of that restaurant....

Design it Chic said...

That's such a cute tradition.. and the desert looks yumm:)
Also i love your hair and your daughters' hair.. they take after you for sure!
Just stopped by from SITS to say hello!

Happy Wednesday!

Yankee Girl said...

What a fabulous story! It gave me goose bumps!

SparkleFarkle said...

What a wonderful sequel to Lord of the Rings-- the true-to-life ones are always the best! And put me down for a Bananas Foster Cheesecake Napoleon. Potassium, ya know.

SwizzlestickMama said...

What a special tradition.

And I am so loving the picture of the brownine sundae right now....just wish I had one to eat! Yum!

Looks like a great weekend!

My Place said...

How Beautiful !! It warms my heart to see traditions passed down.

Beautiful Family. I love your background.

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Gorgeous photos as always. What a touching story. I am sure he will cherish it forever.

Aubrey said...

That is a really sweet story! How great that you were all there for that moment!

The food looks delish! OMG!!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Those brownies w/ice cream are my all time favorite dessert, and that looks SO good!
I'm glad you all had a good time, and what a sweet post.
The passing of the ring is SO touching!

Anonymous said...

That chocolate dessert looks so good! My desserts never last long enough for me to take a picture!