Saturday, August 29, 2009


My sister Barbara and her family came down from New Hampshire earlier this month. We usually don't get to see each other but every two years or so. She has 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys. I decided to spend some quality time with each of them. Evan, 4 years old, was first.

We went to Wal-Mart to buy some groceries. I let him pick out anything he wanted. He chose, popcorn, hot dogs, powdered donuts, juice boxes, fruity pebbles, pop tarts and bones for his puppy, Annabelle. Evan told me, "Aunt Betty, you look goofy in your overalls and watermelon shirt". :)

After eating 3 hot dogs (last one without bun) and 1/2 the bag of popcorn, Evan was ready to play. We ran around the yard with the dogs, went upstairs and lifted weights...hilarious....watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua....I thought he'd want to nap....Oh no, this one has the energy of a 16 year old!

He decided he wanted to cook some dinner for his mom & dad. I immediately thought of my girls when they were little when he asked that question. They would ask to cook and I would let them pick whatever ingredients they wanted to use and no matter how bad it came out....I'd eat it!!! (little did I know Barb lets her kids do the same so he has done this before)

Evan went through the cupboard and picked out Blackeye peas, Coconut milk, Artichoke hearts(they expired anyway) and saltine crackers.

He opened up the cans with little help.

Poured it all into the saucepan....look at the grin on his face.

Doesn't look to bad! He called it, A Surprise!

While it was simmering on the stove he decided it needed some spice. He grabbed the salt & pepper, shook some in there. Added some olive oil. Opened the spice cabinet and he went to town. Paprika, Italian seasoning, Cayenne pepper, garlic, Schezwan spice to name a few. He added about 10 crackers to the mixture making it very thick!

Yummy, huh!! Mommy & Daddy enjoyed it very much when they came over to pick Evan up! *wink wink*

It was fun having a 4 year old again. Although, I was a little worn out it was so worth that time we spent with each other. I miss him. He turns 5 next month and how I wish they lived closer so I could spend his birthday with him.

I haven't been blogging much lately because I have been trying to get used to being back to work. I am pooped by time I get home. I am hoping to blog all this week. Just a warning....they will ALL be about what we did when my sister and family were in town!!


Betty said...

LOL!! Did you taste it? If you could see my face now, you´d be laughing. I´m imagining the taste and my mouth is all crinkled up.... UGH! :)
But I think it´s great you did that with Evan. He will remember it always and I bet you are his favorite aunt! :)

Becky said...

Oh my gosh!

You have got to be the NICEST Aunt ever! LOL!

I don't think I would be up for "cooking" with a 4 year old like that, and then actually tasting it. You are sure a good sport, and very fun:) That is something that child is going to remember throughout his adulthood. What a cool aunt you are!!

Barbara Jean said...

Yummy... Evan Surprise! It actually wasn't that bad!! You certainly made his day! Thank you so much for making him feel special!! He loves you!

The Wife O Riley said...

You are braver than I. I let Vivi help me cook, but I don't have the nerve to let her pick the ingredients.

Just think when he's a world class chef on the Food Network he can mention these experiments in his interviews.

natalie said...

awww!!! evan is so adorable! i haven't seen pictures of him since he was a baby :)!!

& you're so good with kids, mrs. betty. i bet he had time with you :)

Susie said...

What a cutie pie:-)

Life is good! said...

the best thing the two of you made was definately not the meal but the memory! he will remember that forever!

Joy said...

You are a brave woman. I know he had fun with his Aunt Betty. He'll be talking about that all the way back to New Hampshire.


Sandy Toes said...

Such a cutie!
sandy to

Tori said...

haha he's too much!
i love him that little boy!

love you

kAyE said...

aawww...that looked like a fun day! wow, you're such a cool aunt, i can see :D

and he looks sooo adorable! give him a kiss for me when you see him again :)

hugs and kisses from the Philippines! :)

Young Momma said...

I haven't tried that with my boys yet. However, that's more 'cause we're too broke to let food go to waste. :( Anyway, that looks like a ton of fun and you're nephew is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Look at his blue eyes!