Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bon Appetit

A couple months ago John & I settled into the couch to watch a movie. He had rented the movie, Julie & Julia, knowing that I had been wanting to see it since it first came out in the theaters.

During the movie John looks at me and says, "I didn't know who Julia Child was".
(Me) *takes in a breath* huh? Seriously?
(John) Well I have heard of her by name but didn't know she was a famous cookbook writer, Chef and TV personality.
(Me) WOW! Don't you remember me watching her when we lived in Louisiana.....she came on right after Justin Wilson----the guy who always wiped his snotty nose while cooking and said....How y'all are? and I guar-ron-tee!! That was the only hour I sat in front of the TV all day. To watch Julia & Justin teach me how to cook.
(John) I remember Justin.

So yeah- that was a bit of a shocking conversation for me. I couldn't believe he didn't know who she was!

We both love to cook & both love trying new foods no matter how scary they look or how intimidating the recipe is. There isn't a vegetable that we don't eat. If the food is seasoned just right--it's going to be delicious!

So after watching this movie and seeing them make the Boeuf Bourguignon we knew we HAD to try it!

So I bought all the ingredients, read the recipe thoroughly, and chose a Sunday to make it so I could put all my focus on the meal.

(photo isn't the was an after thought)

Along with the Boeuf Bourguignon I also made (from the cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking) Sauteed Mushrooms & Brown-Braised Onions. I made mashed fingerling potatoes & crescent rolls to go along with it. I would have opened a can of Le Sueur peas but I didn't have one.

This was the BEST beef stew I have ever made!! Actually John said it was the best beef stew he has EVER put in his mouth. He is a v e r y slow eater as it is---but this day he ate even slooooower. I asked him why--he said he wanted to savor every bite! All three dishes were AMAZING!!!! The gravy most outstanding!!!

I can't wait to try out one of her desserts.

Oh and if you haven't seen the movie yet....RENT IT!!! It was wonderful. Not only did it tell the story of both Julie & Julia and their love of cooking, it was a beautiful love story between Julia & her husband Paul....about their life long commitment to each other - about their love for each other..... I actually cried a few times! (I'm a big emotional sap anyway)



Lynette said...

I didn't realize that was out on DVD yet - we'll have to put that in our NetFlix Que! Mom has really been wanting to see that one! That does look yummy!

Have good one -

Susie said...

That movie brought my two favorite worlds together: blogging and cooking:-) Loved it! And, my older daughter took me to see it so, it made it even sweeter:-)

I make that dish for company and I love it! Since it has to stew for a while, it is the perfect make ahead meal with huge "Wow" factor:-)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Oh yummy!!!!!!!!

Betty said...

I havn´t found the DVD here yet, but I can´t wait to see the movie.
The dish you made looks really good and I would have loved to taste...

Heather said...

Haven't seen the movie, but that dinner looks incredible. Yum. I love that John appreciated it so much...

I cry at everything even remotely sappy; I'm right there with you :)

SwizzlestickMama said...

I read it and watched the movie not too long ago. I thought it was such a fun movie!

I don't eat beef anything-- but it does appear to be tasty! Hope you had fun in the process!

Joy said...

I remember that Justin Wilson guy. He was pretty raw in his delivery. I didn't watch Julia much. I wish now I had.
I still need to watch this movie. I think it has inspired a lot of people to try new things.
That recipe looks so delicious. I'm so impressed you made it.
♥ Joy

Mrsbear said...

I've really wanted to watch this. I'm sure aside from the tears, it will probably make me really hungry for something delicious. The stew looks amazing.