Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pinnacle Mountain

January 18th (MLK Day) John & I took Reeses and hiked Pinnacle Mountain.
I think everyone else had the same idea. It was very busy. The weather was also unusually warm for January...it was close to 70 degrees.

It was a struggle to climb up with all the people hiking. Also we had to slow down or stop all together several times because 2 women broke their leg coming down the mountain and the park rangers & EMT's were treating them.

Here is a view from on top of Pinnacle. I'm going to try to stand in this same spot every month and take a picture. It'll be neat to watch everything bloom & change.

"everything the light touches is your kingdom"

Reeses was so tired and hiking back down the mountain can be tricky--so we put Reeses in the backpack. We thought he was going to freak out but he actually loved it!

He ended up falling asleep on the way down.

It was an awesome workout. I can't wait to go again next month.


Susie said...

What a beautiful way to workout:-)

Yankee Girl said...

That looks amazing! And I'm not just talking about your hottie husband!

I am super jealous that it's 70 degrees. I think we are floating somewhere around 17.

And what a great idea to take a pic in the same place every month. Can't wait to see them!

Betty said...

What a great idea, about taking the photos every month. That will give you incentive to really stick to it.
You two look awesome together. Reeces too, of course! :)

April said...

Been there a few times and it is so beautiful! Love all your pictures! Can wait to see the changing seasons from that mountain spot...hope you'll share them!

The Wife O Riley said...

That's gorgeous! I have a little spot here that I always want to photgraph each season. It's not very outdoorsy more of a pub. I might try it.

Heather said...

What an awesome hike! Great pictures (and I'm jealous of the weather!).

LOVE that picture of John holding Reeses on the mountain top...totally frame-worthy, dontcha think?

Melody said...

What a gorgeous view! I'm excited to see it at different times of the year. :)

Ashley said...

What fun! And y'all got some great photos!!! Reeses is a sweetheart! I don't think I could get Rafa to sit still enough in a backpack even if we did wear him out.

Anonymous said...

I love when we take our dogs hiking!!!

Joy said...

Glad you got out and enjoyed this incredible weather. That Reeces is so cute riding in that carrier.
♥ Joy

natalie said...

awesome! i'm so jealous of that weather!

& reeces is such a dork ;)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I'm with Reese's, that's how I wanna climb a mountain - in the backpack! ;O)

Mercedes said...

what a neat way to work out and stay in touch with your husband!

Rene said...

Great pics!! Peanut likes being in his tote bag and it surprised me too. I bet you got go many cute comments about him.