Sunday, January 3, 2010

I don't wanna!

Today is the last day of my winter break.
**sniff sniff**

This has been an amazing break! My girls came home for the 1st part and we had a wonderful time with them!!! John was off all last week and we had the BEST time abs still hurt from laughing so much.

Do I have to go back to work? I don't wanna! I really like being home! I get to cook, bake, clean & sew! The latter being my favorite, it has been so relaxing for me lately. I have had a strong desire everyday to sew since we moved the love seat into the room downstairs and made the spare room my sewing room. It's just so cozy.

I get to watch/listen to the TV as I sew...I have a portable heater in there so it's nice & toasty (this room is above the garage & it stays cold!) It has all the old country decor we've had since 1988. :)

I found this cubby/shelf thingy at Lowes and John put it together for me. All my fabric was shoved in that basket that's under the ironing now I'm all neat & organized. Being organized has made my creative wheels start turning. I have SO many projects in mind....and NOT enough time!

I put cork boards up on the wall...that way when I get an idea I can sketch it out and pin it to the board. After this picture was taken I had an idea for a sweater for Reeses....I measured him (which he didn't like) and then sat down and sewed it.
Here he is wearing it....calling them HOGS in the Liberty Bowl....Woooo Pig Soooie! It must have helped because they WON!!!

So I am going to enjoy this last day of of my winter break. John is back to work....the house is clean....I've baked banana I guess I'll go SEW some blocks for John's quilt!


Melody said...

It is always amazing to me how different rooms have different energies at work, making it wrong for some things and just so right for others. I'm glad that you found your perfect room for creativity!

Reeses looks adorable!!

Becky said...

Oh you sound like my kids!

Jake just said to me real down hearted "you know tomorrow at this time I will be sitting in school:("


My house is a mess, and I have SO much to do!

Don't worry Betty...before you know it, it will be Spring Break, and then Summer!

Susie said...

I know! I can't believe it is back to real life tomorrow:-(

Heather said...

Yep, back to school and the daily grind.

Break never lasts long enough.

Except for when you're the mom, and you can't wait for all of these people to leave this house so you can have some peace and freaking quiet.

Oh, did I just type that? Hmm...

Enjoy your last day. Spring break is only three months away, right?

Mrsbear said...

Well, I'm sorry your break is coming to its end, but I have to say, I'm eager to get back to my routine...and ship the kids to school for a few hours a day...selfish, I know. LOL.

Shell in your Pocket said...

I am so not ready for Winter Break to be's sad!

sandy toe

Joy said...

Your sewing room looks great.
You have a table just like I do. here is a picture of what I did with mine.
I put a skirt around my table and then I put my sewing supplies underneath. Mine is also in a guestroom.
My sewing machine isn't as productive as yours is. :)
Love the sweater for Reeses. Perfect look for him.
♥ Joy

Mommakin said...

Having all you 'stuff' organized really does tend to get the creative juices flowing! Glad you're loving your new space. (it will still be there when you get home from work...)

SwizzlestickMama said...

Love the sewing room! Looks great!

Love Reeses sweater...too cute!

K said...

i'm drooling here. i wish i could have the same organization here at our house. unfortunately, with a tot in residence, it is virtually impossible! anyways, good job on reeses' sweater. looks great!!

Bar-b said...

That is the best picture of your dog!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeehaw for school starting!!!! (did I say that outloud?)

Happy New Year to you, Gorgeous!