Friday, June 11, 2010


Hello Blog World!

The end has finally arrived for the 2009-2010 school year! It was a doozie of a year. It was my first year driving "regular" kids to & from school. For 18 years I drove special needs; I'm hoping to get a special needs route for the 2010-2011 school year. I love all children....but being responsible for 60+ kids was totally stressful!!

I'm going to do a fragment blog and just update what has happened around here in my world.

April 10th, 2010, Oddie gave birth to 4 kittens....3 girls & 1 boy.
She delivered them in this spare tire that stays in our garage.
She is introducing them to Reeses...who thinks he is the daddy!
7 weeks old! The little girl on the left has been adopted! The 2nd one is the boy....I decided to keep him. John named him Crusty (when he was about 4 weeks old his eyes were crusted over & we had to doctor him for a few days) He is huge compared to the girls. I still have the other two girls....anyone want a kitten?

Aprils Bunko was at my house. The theme was Bridesmaids....I was the bride!

We even had a wedding cake!

On April 30th, 2010, Arkansas was hit with severe weather. An F3 tornado touched down 1/2 mile from my home. It was on the ground for hours. The destruction was was surreal. No one in our town was killed thankfully but several homes were totally destroyed!

These were the lightening strikes that night.

It was a very scary night & then we had round 2 the next day.
That's a weekend we will never forget.

May's Bunko theme was Cinco De Mayo & it was held at Becky's house.

On Memorial Day John & I started the day out with laughter! I got behind him and flipped my hair over his head to see what he would look like with hair. He took my phone & took some pictures. We were laughing so hard. He has this photo as his profile pic on facebook.
And that's what you missed in the Keeper of the Skies world!


Susie said...

Wow! It has been a while but I can see why!! What a ride for you guys...both good and bad.

Heather said...

I am LOVING that picture of John! You guys are hilarious!

The Bridesmaids Bunco party looks fun; what a great way to put those never-wear-again dresses to good use :)

I didn't realize those tornadoes were so close to scary. June 2 was the 20 year anniversary of the tornado that took my house when I was 16...I remember that day like it was yesterday. My prayers are with the people who lost so much to that storm in your area.

Good luck on finding a different route next year, Betty. It's so good to catch up on your life!

Melody said...

That pic of John is hilarious! I love it!

I hope that you can get the special needs bus route for next year. Those kids really are precious, aren't they? I have a couple of other friends who are bus drivers who say that they love driving the special needs kids most.

Those pics about the tornados are so scary. I'm glad that no one was killed in your town, and that you and your home were unhurt. What a terrifying night that must have been!

So how is Meg and Torie? When does Meg leave for Spain? I hope that you are having lots of fun family times right now.

So glad to have you back!
♥ Melody

Betty said...

So nice to see you posting again. Even though I somehow stayed in touch through fb, it´s not the same as when you write here. I´m glad you´re back.
The picture of John with hair is hilarious. I´m amazed he can stay so serious. :)
Glad the tornado didn´t hit your house and that everyone was safe.

Aubrey said...

I'm at work and CRACKING up over John's picture! Hilarious!

I will keep my fingers crossed that you get the route you want in the fall!

What cute kitties! So cute how Reeses has taken on the role of pa! LOL

A lot of bad weather has been going through my hometown. Large hail, tornadoes, yuck.

Joy said...

Congratulations on ending the year and let the summer begin!!!
What cute kitties. I love Reeces and the momma cat looking at them over the tire. How sweet.
That bridemaid/wedding Bunco is the best idea ever. The girl in the peach bridesmaid dress must have gotten that from one of my bridesmaids 22 years ago. I swear I had the same color wedding.
What a fun group.
OK You saved the best for last. That is the funniest and best picture of John. That looks like it could totally be his hair. He looks like a pro wrestler. Love it.
We've missed you. Thankful you were safe thru the tornados. So sorry about the homes. That is tough times for sure.
♥ Joy

Mrsbear said...

Seems like you've been enjoying your time away from blogging...except for the storms of course. Glad everyone is safe and those kittens are adorable, as almost every baby can be, except, I learned over the weekend, for flies. Gross.