Wednesday, May 4, 2011

bad blogger award goes to ME! (SPAIN)

I've been a bad blogger.

My photos of Spain on my computer some how got messed up. I wasn't able to get them to come up at. all! It was very frustrating. John finally was able to fix the problem last week. We have had some of the CRAZIEST weather you can possibly get here in the Natural State. Tornadoes & torrential downpours that led to floods all over the state. I've been busy making quilts for baby showers and for some people who hired me. So, I haven't had much time to blog or read blogs.

I'm not going to drag out my trip to Spain. I'll just post some pictures and maybe write a caption. Let me just say the trip was a very memorable one! It is a beautiful country!!

My 40th Birthday! We celebrated in Tarifa, Spain. It just happened to be Carnival that weekend...where EVERYONE dresses up crazy & celebrates!

Roman Ruins in Bolonga

The World's Oldest Outdoor Market

Chocolate Cappuccino, the chocolate was thick in the middle. YUM!

HUGE TREES!!Tree Hugging Hippie :)

Dehydration :(

Wine & Tapas while Dad recovers at the hotel.
Gorge of El Tajo....Ronda, Spain! This town was beautiful! Ernest Hemingway wrote some of "For whom the bell tolls" here.Spain's oldest bullring dating back to 1785.

The Royal Chapel in Granada, Spain. The chapel contains the tombs of the Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella and their daughter Joanna the Mad and her husband Phillip the Fair.

The lead caskets that hold the actual remains.

The Alhambra at night.

You can see some of the Alhambra behind them.

The architect and detail was fascinating...amazing that this castle was built in the 13th Century. Over looking the city of Granada which means Pomegranate

Cheers to a wonderful trip. Tori leaves on the 22nd of May to backpack across Europe with Meg. I'll be one nervous Momma for 7 weeks.


Susie said...

What a beautiful time you guys had!!! Let's hope the weather here gets better!!!!

April said...

Love your snazzy new blog layout! You sure know how to rock a blonde wig, girl! So happy y'all had a BLAST...I knew you would! Hope your flooding subsides soon...I've been hearing how bad it is over your direction.

Melody said...

Spain is BEAUTIFUL! How nice that you were able to go over and visit Meg.

I hope that all goes well with Tori's trip. It will be so nice for the sisters to be able to be together.

Betty said...

I bet Tori is really excited. She´ll have a blast.
Loved your pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

swizzlestickmama said...

looks like a fantastic trip!

Heather said...

LOVE the Carnival pics, especially John's makeup :) What a wonderful trip full of awesome memories. You need to put your quilting aside for a month and put together a scrapbook of this trip!

Or, you could hire me to do it for you :)

Mercedes said...

Beautiful pics! I am jealous!