Sunday, May 15, 2011

What I'm currently working on

Another busy weekend for me.

I'm adding the binding to the "Punctuation" quilt and then it's in the
washer & dryer before it goes to it's new home.


I cut up 180 squares, and then sewed them together to make 90, and then cut them to make 180 triangles, and then I pressed them all open to have a total of 180 squares. (does that makes sense?) That took about 4 hours and my back is now hurting from being bent over the cutting table, sewing machine and standing up to iron/press.

I've decided on 2 different quilts with this material.

The Zig Zag

The Pinwheel


I'm making a Sock Monkey story book quilt as well. This one is going to be fun to make. Who doesn't love Sock Monkeys?!! My girls would giggle when I sang them this song when they were little.


Melody said...

Cute cute cute!! You are so talented!

Heather said...

LOVE the sock monkey quilt idea! Make sure you share the finished product with us, okay?

Mercedes said...


Mercedes said...

Teach Me! I am a very novice seamstress and wish I could make beautiful creations like you do!

April said...

You're making all of us look BAD, Betty...let those creative juices flow!:)

fialka012 said...