Thursday, February 11, 2010

February Snow

I watched the news on Sunday night before I went to sleep---the weatherman said it was going to rain....
maybe a slight dusting of snow.

I woke up at 4 am---as I was walking down the stairs I looked out the window and thought I was dreaming. There were at least 2 inches of snow on the ground and it was still snowing!

I turned on the telly and sure was closed....and the weatherman was saying we could get up to 10 inches! WHAT?? Just 7 hours earlier he was saying a dusting!!

Well of course NO ONE saw this one coming. I needed to go to the grocery store because I was running low on coffee creamer (A MUST HAVE) so John & I ventured out in the beautiful snow.

Reeses wasn't crazy about it when it was falling.

We stopped and rented some movies. Then John wanted his chinese so we went to King Buffet. John is like a movie star there....he walks in and all the women go...Oh Hiiiiii---and smile REAL big. They will make the cook prepare fresh mongolian beef (for the buffet!) just for him! He even got a Christmas present from them! They flirt with him right in front of me. It's quite funny.

We let our food settle while we shopped at Kroger---along with everyone else who decided they needed groceries. It was packed!

We went to workout....we were the ONLY ones at the gym. It was NICE!! I was playing around and taking pictures with my phone.
Being silly. :)

The drive home was beautiful. It was still snowing.

This line of trees is on the golf course.

The snow was heavy on the trees.

The fire department made this snowman...and dog. Love it!

Our Home. It looks so beautiful covered in snow.

We ended up receiving about 7-8 inches of snow. Some areas around us got the 10!

I haven't seen this much snow in Arkansas in 22 years....I was pregnant with Meg the last time we got a big snow fall like this one.

They are calling for more snow this afternoon....and again on Sunday! Will the weatherman get it right this time?? Will it really only be an inch or will we see a foot?? The snow is still on the ground (so unusual for Arkansas) it melts during the day--but once the sun goes down the melted snow freezes over. So the school district I work for has closed school again.
It's SNOW DAY #4! I am SO ready to go back to work!


The Panic Room said...

"A dusting" I love it. Have fun with your time off.

April said...

I am so jealous!!! That IS a lot of snow for that part of Arkansas! In fact, I'm not sure I ever experienced that amount when I lived there. Sure is pretty! Stay warm and snuggly!

Yankee Girl said...

I wish I was from somewhere that didn't get a lot of snow so I could appreciate the snow we do get a bit more.

I am glad you are enjoying the snow and having fun with many people have been complaining about the snow, me being one of them.

Melody said...

How funny that it would snow where you are and be nearly 40* where I am! What a nice time to just sit and be still. :) Got another quilt in the works? Now would be the perfect time to work on it!

Becky said...

That looks like the BEST SNOW DAY EVER!!

How fun!

Chinese, work out with your mate, movies, and home snuggling together!


Betty said...

Looks beautiful! So many have received so much snow this year. Unbelievable!

Susie said...

The snow is absolutely crazy this year!!

Heather said...

That sounds like a great day!

I am doing the happy dance that my family is going back to school today, and I will have a couple of hours of peace and quiet this afternoon. We've had way too many snow days!

Cracking me up over the Chinese harlots making over your husband...

Stay warm, sister!

michele said...

Usually we get a lot of snow... but not this winter! Washington has been warm. Your house is beautiful! Looks so cozy covered in snow.

Homesick Cajun said...

Your pics are beautiful!

Joy said...

So John has rockstar status at the Chinese Buffet. Do they even acknowledge you? That is funny.

Your snow pictures are beautiful. Can't believe how much you've gotten. It has rained here all day and just been gray, cold and miserable.
♥ Joy

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Your home really does look beautiful, like a postcard! I love the story of the chinese restaurant, how cute!