Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I've had a terrible week thus far....

My email has been messed up....so we are in the process of moving e-mails and eventually we will delete our classicnet accounts.

I got pulled over on my way to work this morning. Got a ticket with 2 offenses on it. One for speeding....40 in a 25....I swear I did not know that the speed limit dropped to 25 from 50....I've been driving that route for 12 years. I'm pretty sure it drops after the light (i'll check tomorrow) The second one was for failure to stop at the red light...Um, Mr. Policeman, I did NOT fail to stop at the red light!! The light was green and as I went through it it turned red! There is a law that says NOT to brake...to continue on so there is no rear end accidents. Why would you write a ticket saying I failed to stop? I go to court on the 25th to fight this......if it goes on my record it's 9 points towards my CDL license....if I receive 14 I can kiss my CDL bye bye and there goes my job as a bus driver! I am pretty confident the judge will be understanding and agree with me. I was so careful driving home this afternoon!

I had a 6 year old cuss me out on my bus. 6 years old!! He said words I didn't even know until I was in my 20's! He is a foster child....It made me sad writing him up.....the things that child must have seen and heard to learn words like that just broke my heart! Seriously, I can't even type what he said it's so foul....I'm still flabbergasted that those words came out of a 6 year olds mouth.

Things can only go up from here.......I hope!


Heather said...

Aww, Betty, I'm so sorry you had such a horrible day. Sometimes policemen can be such jerks...can't they save it for the fools who are really breaking the law, instead of searching for reasons to pull you over? Jeez.

So sad about that boy. My FIL works for an alternative school with young kids like that, and he has some stories; it's horrible to think how these babies are being raised (or not raised, as the case may be).

Hope you get your email figured out soon! Sending some prayers your way for a better day tomorrow.

Homesick Cajun said...

Sorry you had such a bad day boo! Hopefully tomorrow will be much better for you!

Isn't it amazing what comes out of young kids mouths these days? There was a group of kids walking down our street the other day and one of the little boys (8-9 years old maybe) was singing "I'm a pimp, I'm a pimp, I'm a mofo'in pimp!"

I coudln't believe my ears!

Susie said...

Wow!! I hope your week turns around!!

Tori said...

Glad you're optimistic!
Sorry about your crappy day! I love you & miss you. I'm excited for Saturday! yay!

The Wife O Riley said...

I really hope your week gets better!

Becky said...

Oh man...good luck fighting that in court :( That is hard to do!

I sure hope your week gets better from here on out!

Melody said...

Oh! I'm sorry! What a crummy day. :(

I hope tomorrow is lots better!


April said...

So sorry your day didn't turn out too great. I really hope the judge cuts you some slack! You got cussed out by a little 6 year old? Oh, that is SO sad to me! You're right...can you imagine the kind of environment he must come from to learn words like he spoke to you? So heartbreaking! Keep your chin up, my friend!

Mrsbear said...

Oh no! That's terrible.

Fight the tickets, it sounds like you have a good chance. I worked in traffic court several years back and a lot of times the officers don't show. Others, the judge would usually go easy on people with good driving records. Don't just take the hits from the points. Boo.

I have a six year old, I can't even imagine him knowing the words you're talking about. It makes me sad. Six is a little, little kid.

Hope your week improves from here. :(

Betty said...

I sure hope things are better by now. I do hope you win in contesting that ticket!! That is a lot of points to get towards your license!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I hope your week is better. That stinks about the ticket, I hope the judge sees your side!
The 6 year old - wow! That's terrible for you and for him too.

Yankee Girl said...

That sucks that you got two tickets! Hopefully luck and justice will be on your side when you go to court.

It's Friday now. I hope your week got better and that you enjoy your weekend!