Saturday, February 27, 2010


I've been to busy to blog.

I hate it that I don't have much time this year to blog.

I miss reading everyone's blogs on a daily basis.


February's Bunko theme was Mardi Gras.

I made Shawna & I funky Tutu's and John made me the mask I'm wearing.

We ate yummy cajun food and laughed a lot & screamed a lot. I didn't win, again...maybe March will be my lucky time. You are never to old to play dress up! :)


My precious daughters, Tori & Meg. This was taken at a "Cool Shoes" party. It's a party where college age kids go and dance....Tori's boyfriend, Nick, usually DJ's at them. I stole this picture off of their facebook. We have had several dinner dates with them this past month. It's been very nice.


We had to take Ben Ben to the vet a couple weeks ago. He had a horrible seizure. He couldn't open his mouth to meow, his tongue was hanging out, he tried to walk but after 3 steps he would fall over, he ended up drifting into a comatose stat....he was very lethargic. Dr. Lewis ran several test (kept him overnight) he said Ben Ben never came out of the self induced coma all night. He didn't even have to sedate him to draw blood. So we were waiting for all the results to come back (they had to send some off) We did know that he had an ear infection and in that same ear he has polyps. They were pretty sure he had a brain tumor. :( I wasn't buying this tumor business. The doc wanted to send us to a Vet neurologist so Ben Ben could get a CT scan that would cost $1,000!!! Um, NO! Because if he did have a tumor they would confirm it and I'd have to spend more money to put him to sleep. If he didn't then, YAY here's my $$. I love him but come on...that's ridiculous. So we picked him up along with a 7 day course of antibiotics and $468.00 lighter in the pocketbook.

3 days into the antibiotics Ben Ben came alive.....he was like 10 years younger again. (he's about 13 yrs. old) he was jumping up on the couch....even jumped on the bathroom counter which he has never done before! He is running around the yard with Reeses. You can tell he feels

All the test came back normal!! Doc said he was a healthy cat and it is possible that the ear infection put some swelling around the brain and caused the seizures. So I think he was having the seizures because of that stupid ear infection! I know it's not a brain tumor! Doc put him on another round of antibiotics and will remove the polyps soon.



Homesick Cajun said...

Lol...loved the pics!! I'm so glad that it wasn't a tumor. My step daughters pug has horrible seizures, they've never been able to figure out why. Have a great weekend.

Heather said...

Love the Bunco pics! You all look like you have so much fun!

Poor kitty...I love my pets, but I think some vets push the envelope when it comes to tests. So glad you stuck with your gut on that one, and that he's so much better!

You are missed, Betty. Maybe come summer, you'll have more time to blog?

Melody said...

Cute Mardi Gras pics! Sorry you didn't win. Better luck next month!

Oh! Poor Ben Ben! I hope that he gets feeling better soon.

Cute pic of your girls! It is so great that they are such great friends. <3

Yankee Girl said...

I am so glad to hear that Ben Ben is doing better! I was holding my breath reading the post.

Hopefully life is treating you well and that it slows down a little for you!

Becky said...

How scary for your poor kitty! I'm so glad he is doing better! Yeah, I am the one who doesn't have the heart to say No when it comes to saving the pet, and we have had those $1000 vet bills before. Our one cat years ago kept getting sicker and sicker and they couldn't figure out why...after EXPLORATORY SURGERY they found little bits of seagreen foam bits in her stomach...she had been eating the kids alphabet bath toys. We had to ban them from the house. We had her for years after and Mike always joked it was our thousand dollar cat :)

Susie said...

You guys are too cute at Mardi Gras.

Your girls are always breathtaking.

And I am glad that your beloved pet is doing better:-)

Mrsbear said...

Life in favor of blogging can be forgiven. ;)

We had a similar situation with our dog when he lost use of his front legs, we just couldn't justify $1000 for a scan that might or might not help the situation. Luckily the steroids the vet prescribed helped and it cost us hundreds less.

Glad your kitty got better.