Monday, February 8, 2010

Third Hand Thrift

My daughter Tori & her love, Nick, have opened an Etsy shop. They sell vintage clothing, shoes, jewelry & miscellaneous items.

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---Third Hand Thrift----
you will find the link to the Etsy shop on the right hand side of the blog. Check it just might find something you've been looking for.

Spread the word----especially if you know someone who loves vintage clothing.


Joy said...

Looks like they are on to something there. I went over and checked it out. How fun. I just keep thinking of Kramer from Seinfeld when I see the men's shirts. He always wore some great vintage shirts.
♥ Joy

Becky said...

How exciting!

Good luck Tori and Nick!

Anonymous said...

great article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

April said...

How neat...I'm on my way!!!

Susie said...

Looks like they have some really awesome stuff over there!!

Julie said...

they are so cute, I am sure it was fun modeling all the clothes! :)

Tori said...

: )
thanks for posting this momma bird!
enjoy your(third)snow day!
love you