Monday, July 12, 2010


I finished 2 out of the 5 quilts I am working on this summer. (I did stop work on these to sew the quilt panel for the Parkinson's I guess it's 3 out of 6)

(front of King quilt)

Meg's best friend, Jessica, and her husband Simon, are having a little boy. She asked me awhile back if I made quilts on commission. At that time I wasn't really sure if I was ready to start making quilts to sell.

(back of King quilt)

Jess was in her last semester of nursing school (school was draining their income) & I knew how badly she wanted a quilt for the baby. So I told her to pick out some material, let me know the name & lot numbers and I would make the quilt as a gift!

The nursery theme is "Arkansas Wildlife." These colors match the nursery perfect. Jessica is an amazing artist...obviously, these aren't your typical nursery colors...only an artist would think this far out of the box. But I love that! Baby Nocona is going to love his room.


I had so much material left over I decided to make a second quilt for Nocona.

You might be wondering about the name, Nocona....well Jessica is Cherokee Indian & Mexican....Simon is British.....the name Nocona means, the wanderer. I wish I could remember the story of how they came up with the name....I think it is beautiful.

Meg gave her a baby shower yesterday and she loved the quilts. I was happy to see her reaction....she wasn't expecting two. It's so weird to me that Meg & Tori have friends that are married & having babies.

"Those who sleep under a quilt
sleep under a blanket of love"


Susie said...

Your work is so beautiful!

Betty said...

What a great quote at the end. Sooo true! I love your quilts and wish I could order one too. So you made two...that makes it 7 in total!! You rock girl!

Heather said...

What a wonderful gift, one I'm sure she will treasure forever! You've done a beautiful job, Betty!

Melody said...

Those are beautiful!!

I love the quote at the end of this post.♥

Dysfunctional Mom said...

They are beautiful!
I love the quote too. I sleep under a red white & blue quilt that was made by my mother's elderly aunts. It was one of the last quilts they made, as they just can't do it any more. It is SO special to me!

Dee said...

Girl those are beautiful! You're talented!!

Yankee Girl said...

I love unique names that have really cool meanings!

Those quilts are beautiful!

Mrsbear said...

You are so talented, those are lovely. Gifts like that just can't be replaced. The love that went in to those quilts is priceless.

Barbara said...

The quilts turned out beautiful. I know that Jessica will treaure them forever.
Love you,
your mother