Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome to the World

I was walking down the halls at the school yesterday at 11:00, when I saw my mom walking towards me real fast. She said, "We're gonna have another little girl born on October 16th"!! Elise is in labor! I was SO excited. Mom left work to be with Elise and to watch her 8th great grand-baby be born.

Congratulations Chad & Elise!!!!!

The Daddy & Momma

Welcome to the world, Amaiya Julianna!
She was born at 3:30 pm.

6lbs 11 oz. 19 inches long

Big brother, Nate & Big sister, Natie. Nate has nicknamed Amaiya...Yaya...too cute!

Great Grandma

Gigi with her newest grand-baby.

Papaw (my brother Chad) with his newest little girl.

Auntie Em with Yaya. She left school to see her be born. She spilled her sprite on her cell phone...she got lost on the way to the hospital...but she made it in time.

Natie holding the sister she has been so excited to meet.

It's really neat because Amaiya is the first child in our family to be born in October in 19 years. There are 34 grandchildren (on my side) and 8 great grand children.
She shares her day with my little girl. What is even neater is...I had Tori at 2:15 pm and she weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz. So close in time & weight.
Tori had to go meet the little girl who now shares her birthday. Of course she had her camera and took a few great shots. I'm sure Elise will set up an appointment with Tori to take some photos.

I love this of Amaiya's feet. It's precious.

She has a lot of hair.

Happy Birthday to two beautiful girls!

Wow....this was one BUSY week!


What A Card said...

Oh how sweet...congrats to your family! One of my best friends just had her son on Wednesday, so I'm in a baby kind of mood :)

I popped by from're the commenter before me. I actually pop by from time to time...I love your name, and your blog!

Jennie said...

beautiful baby....

I have seen you alot over at SITS and today I signed up for Blog around the World and when I went to Arkansas, there you were.... I live in the River Valley, and go to Conway all the time... I have to have my Target fix.... nice to meet you !

Rene said...

How adorable!! We have a little one on the way in our family too. My sis is about 1/2 way through her pregnancy. I so wanted to be there when the little one made his/her appearance but that will be right about the time hubby is in the hospital with his transplant. Tori takes great pics -- maybe I should send her to Phoenix for me in February so I would be sure to have some pictures to appease my auntie sensibilities!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh she's beautiful! You've had a very busy week this week!

Heather said...

That is awesome!

You have had a busy week! Oh, my. Please don't feel like you have to rush on the shawl, either. I am still working on your cards...

Hope you have a great weekend. I can't wait to see the pictures of the new baby that Tori is gonna take!

mrsbear said...

Congrats. There is nothing like a new baby. Simply precious. I love the footie pic.

Betty said...

Congrats on the new baby in the family! You all look so young! Starting with great grand ma all the way to the mother of the baby.
There are some great genes in your family

Meaghan said...

WOW What a cute baby!!! Great pictures favorite is of the foot :)

by the way I launched my coffee site today, open and ready for orders :) If you want to check it out go to

Also, we are doing GIVEAWAYS for the rest of this month. To enter visit :)

Have an awesome weekend!


momto1 said...

How exciting! Congrats to your family!! Enjoy the little one

Susie said...

I love the feet picture!! Congratulations to your family!!

Becky said...

Yay for October babies!

Karen said...

Thanks so much for coming by my blog yesterday. :-)

Congrats to the new parents. I love the smell of newborns and the way they nuzzle into your neck when you'e holding them. So sweet.

Marla said...

congrats... being a Libra myself i like to think October kids are the best!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Welcome to the world little girl! What a sweetie!
Carrie said...

oh congrats!

So pretty



Pennies In My Pocket said...

It sure WAS a busy week!!!

She is SOOOOOOOOO precious!!! Oh those feet! And I cannot get over the fact there are 34 grandchildren!!! HOLY SMOKES!!


WheresMyAngels said...

She is beautiful! I don't think Oct is a popular baby month. Although my father was born this month. Now September is very popular in my family.

Anonymous said...

How cool that they have the same birthday!

and the picture of mother and father holding the baby was priceless.

Tori said...

hey hey photos on flickr.
love you!

Aubrey said...

Welcome! What a lucky little girl to be born into such a wonderful family!
I love the baby feet too! Oh! And the smell of new precious!

April said...

That baby is just too precious!! Congratulations to you and your family!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Congrats! What a wonderful story.