Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tag I'm It...11 Favorites!

Becky over at In the Trenches tagged me. Good thing she did because I had nothing good to post today! So here you go...11 of my favorite things and a cheesy picture of myself.

1. My could I not put my soul mate as my first favorite thing. Um, he reads my blog and comments and would kill me if I didn't put him first. Not really. He cleans the house, does the laundry & does all the yard work. I'm spoiled! My favorite with John would be our date night! We usually go out to eat and see a movie. We are known by name at the theater on Tuesday nights; we always get a couples combo...popcorn & a root beer!

2. My daughter's Meg & Tori. I would do anything for my girls. It's been bittersweet watching them grow up into young woman. I miss hearing them in the house. I miss them fighting over clothes!HAHA . Dang, I really miss sharing their clothes...well, their tops! It's hard not being able to see them but once a week or sometimes once every other week. I just miss them.

3. Coffee!! I love coffee! I love it anytime of the day! Morning, noon or night!

4. Baking. I love to bake. I don't eat to much sweets but I love to bake them and give them away to my family. Unless they are Oatmeal Crasin Cookies....our household favorite. Those stay here and everyone of them gets eatin!

5. Yarn! I collect it. I guess it's an obsession. I have dwindled by stash down considerably since I made my girls college Afghans out of all the scraps though.

6. I love going Antiquing. John & I collect antiques. We have a dresser in the garage that John was about to refinish last month...then he got sick. He needs to get going on that before I take on the project.

7. Candles. Who doesn't love candles. My favorite is having several I mean a dozen...lit in the bathroom while I soak in the tub!

8. Soaking in the Tub! This goes along with the candles. I come home and get a tubby before I do anything else. Well, on the nights when I "stay" home. I love bubble baths.

9. Damngoode Pizza!!! Oh my favorite is "The Hog" loads of meat with a pink sauce! Yum, yum, yum!

10. Family Date Night!!! Definitely a favorite!! We meet every other Tuesday for dinner. We get to have delightful conversations and catch up with one another.

11. Sushi!!! Thanks to my daughter's for getting me to try sushi. I LOVE it! I was always a pessimist when it came to this cuisine...then I tried it and I eat it once a week.

Wow! There you have it. Eleven of my favorite things!! Thanks Becky!!!

I'm tagging.....Aubrey @ The Fam Five


Heather said...

Great cheesy picture (you are're girls come by it honestly).

I like this post. It's fun to learn assorted things about my bloggy friends.

letstalkmodern said...

I miss Damngood Pies!!

Love you too, Mrs. Betty!

Becky said...

If you love antiques, you definitly need to come visit Heather and me! We live in a little town that is famous for all the antique shops. They line up and down Main St. in the center of town.
Oh NO! I didn't know the 11 were suppose to be in order of favorites! I wrote them randomly....hope my hubby understand:(

mrsbear said...

I love the photo. Yay for coffee and sushi. Hubby deserves to be first just because of the laundry!

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Damngood Pies. Great answers! I love seeing all the different answers that people have.

Julie said...

thanks for sharing... I think having Family Date Nights are a great idea!

dddiva said...

I love the pic, and I really love learning about all of my bloggy friends when they do posts like this- thanks for sharing. :)

Susie said...

We have a lot in common! I love most of those things too. Oh, we are going to get along just fine:-) Hee, hee, hee.

Tori said...

i miss you all the time, too momma!
i miss our thursday date nights.
& i don't miss fighting over clothes. erjworjowa.
love you!

Debbie said...

Hi Betty! I want to take BATW to Arkansas next week. Are you ready to be our hostess?
Click on my profile and shoot me an email for the details!

Kaye said...

Oh, Betty, great blog!!!! I knew I would enjoy it! I'll be reading it every day! Thanks for telling me about it.

WheresMyAngels said...

I love sweets but hate any cookies with raisins!! lol So I would have no problem no eating your cookies.

I only like raisins on salad. Go figure.

Aubrey said...

Yay! I'm tagged!!!

I have had a bad case of blogger's block (AGAIN! ugh!) and this will be perfect.

Loved your list of faves!