Friday, November 14, 2008

Background/Button Tutorial

Awhile back some of you asked me how I changed my background. Well I've decided to attempt a tutorial so you guys can change your backgrounds as well if you wish.

1st. Find a photo that you want to be your background.

2nd. Go to and upload your you can edit the photo by putting a border or change colors, etc.

3rd. Once your picture is how you want it you need to upload it on tho

4th. Here is the HTML code that you are going to be using.

Go HERE to get it....for some reason blogger keeps deleting the code when I type it in. Strange. I just found this site and how cool are those Twilight backgrounds!!!!

5th. Now, grab the DIRECT LINK from your photo on photobucket. Insert it where it says, ("ENTER YOUR LINK HERE") in between the quotes. ("")

6th. Go to customize....add a gadget....go to the HTML/'s here where you are going to put in the code.

That's it!!!!

*for code above you want to erase "no repeat" and type in repeat*

So I figured out how to make a button for my blog as well. I found a great blog that gives an awesome tutorial. Go here for it.


I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Susie said...

Cool! Thanks for the tips:-)

Tori said...

Such an amazing food blog!!!
you'll love it.

& thank you! i liked the way it turned out. i did another one of meg : )
love you!

April said...

Oh my goodness...there is no way I could do all of that without fouling up my entire blog forever! When I first started blogging, my daughter and I got one of those blinkie things stuck on my header and we couldn't figure out how to get it off! I, finally, had no other choice but to start over with a new blog design. It was so frustrating!

I'll just live vicariously through yours, I guess. :)

Sandy Toes said...

How fun..thanks for sharing your knowledge!
-sandy toes

Anonymous said...

I too sceered to try. Maybe someday. Thanks for the instrucciones :)

Betty said...

Thanks for the tutorial. You lost me on Nr. 5, so I will have to do this when I have lots of time.
I added your button to my site though! That is cool!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Cool idea with the button! Thanks for sharing these tips with us :)

Anonymous said...

Hey-something is up w/ your profile page. It's been like this twice now (I thought first time was a fluke) but on your profile page to get to your blog your blog name isn't there, just a period. Very weird. You can still click on the period to link to your blog, but I think you somehow erased the name of your blog right there?

Julie said...

thanks for the info.... when I can breathe again, I will have to try it out
now I am off to see the link tori just put up!

Anonymous said...

I added your question to today's batch. Come link up if you want to play too.

Tori said...

dddiva said...

Hehe thanks but I will wait til the little diva's want to figure it out for me... the one time I tried to do something simple I lost my whole blog list. ;)

Rhea said...

I do like your background. I love the feeling of being in the sky.