Friday, November 7, 2008

Swap/ Tags/ Awards

Jamie from Have inspiration...will travel formally known as 1 bitr country girl and I did a swap. Once again I made a shawl and she sent me these goodies from her great state of Wisconsin!

Wisconsinopoly looks interesting. I got some homemade snickerdoodles and my favorite candy, Good & Plenty!!! YUMMO! Her fur babies sent my fur baby, Reeses some pig ears. I can't wait to give him one and see what he thinks. He has been at Meg & Tori's house since Tuesday and will be there until Sunday.

This cow magnet cracks me up! He looks cute sitting on my white board on the fridge.

Now on to the Awards I've received!!!

April over at Straight from the Heart gave me the
Marie-Antionette-REAL Person Award!

Tattoominivanmom gave me the I love your Blog award! (girl, what is your name?)
She said and I quote, "Cause she's the sweetest, kindest most romantic blogger...but...I've recently discovered her nasty side and it makes her even better!" So sweet & it made me giggle!

Betty from Wiens World gave me the Brillante Weblog!! Betty and I not only have the same name...we both have 2 daughters...we both crochet and we both are getting adjusted to an Empty Nest!!

Becky from In the Trenches tagged me to do the 6th picture in my 6th folder.

Sherry from My Loonyverse tagged me with the same. So here is my 6th picture in my 6th photo folder.
Me in Destin in 07'....acting like a teenager on the luggage cart. John & I went alone and acted like young newlyweds the entire trip!!!

I hope I didn't miss any tags/awards. I don't have time to tag or give awards I'm just going to break the rules and skip that part. I'm off to work now. Everyone have a good day!


Betty said...

I think know one will "stone you" for breaking the rule.. ;)
You so deserve those awards.
I like your 6th photo.
Isn´t it so fun to act silly once in a while?

Heather said...

I hope my marriage is as good as yours is when my kids are out of the house.

How on earth do you do it?

It is so hard sometimes when you're in the middle of the craziness to even see into the future when it will be over, and there will just be the two of us again.

You and John look like you really enjoy each other. You are an inspiration, truly.

Julie said...

how fun... great package love the photo

Sandy Toes said...

How fun!!! Congrats on your tags and awards!

I just love love your blog now..I feel like I am in the "skies"'s so bright and airy!! love it!
-sandy toes

April said...

Congrats on your awards...even the one I gave you! You go, girl!

Wow! You racked in some great swap items! How lucky are you?!

Happy Friday...enjoy your weekend!

Becky said...

LOVE the luggage cart picture;)

heathersister said...

Dang girl. Congrats on all the awards. I love the 6th picture.

Thanks for the well wishes.

Aubrey said...

THAT is a great picture! Congrats on all those fab awards!
My fingers have turned white from keeping them crossed so long. I'm wishing I will be the lucky winner!

I'm glad you got your words today! I really hope you like them!

Susie said...

Wisconsin Rocks:-)

Congratulations on all your awards:-)

Jamie said...

I'm glad you like your box of goodies Betty!

TattooedMinivanMom said...

Cute picture...and I'll never name. Even though I already have...somewhere. Why don't you have email linked to your profile? I'd email it to you.