Saturday, November 1, 2008

Holy Moly Canoly

Yesterday after work I stopped at the liquor store to buy a bottle of wine; it seemed like everyone had the same idea. The lines were outrageously I was waiting my turn to pay in the wine aisle...I started reading some bottle labels. I came across this Japanese wine so I picked it up. Oh my it sounded so delicious I had to purchase it.

I came home and put it on ice while I walked the dog...which took longer than normal because all the neighbors were out and wanted to chat....the entire time I was thinking...I really want a glass of wine!! Finally home I poured a big glass(see above photo) and sat down to blog. After glass number 2 I decided I was going to attempt to change my background and header myself instead of waiting on my friend Ron who said he would help me. I had NO clue on what to do...where to I loaded some pictures on picnik and went from there. I played around with the colors and such. Then I loaded them to photobucket. I was stuck there so I started google-ing html codes. Well, hot dog I couldn't believe it I found one....where I found can't this point I was on glass #3. So after several different changes...I think I like this one. For now anyway....If I drink tonight I might change my mind. It's a little psychedelic, huh!?!

Today is Saturday and I think I'm going to take on a project I might regret later because of all the work involved. I'm up earlier than I wanted to be so heck I might as well. Let me share with you.....This is my craft room...well the sewing side of it. It is a mess!!! For those of you who have been to my house you know that John & I are huge clean freaks and huge organizers!!! Everything has it's place and it drives us both crazy when it's not! We are Two peas in a pod, huh! So here is the material for the curtains I talked about making back in early October.
Along with other material that was just put there and never moved.
This basket sits right next to that table....I need to organize it as well.

This is the other side of the room....I can't believe I let it get this bad. Look at the floor in the corner...yikes...We walk past this room to go upstairs and every day I look at it and say, "I'll get to it this weekend"....yeah right....I'm always to busy!! But Not TODAY!!!!

Today not only will I tackle the craft room I will "start" on the curtains for Meg's room!! I'm going to clean that room too....yeah it's a mess as well. It all got messy when Tori moved out because she took the bookcase that was in Meg's room and I just haven't had time to organize it again.
Those quilts on the bed were stored in a cabinet Toria took with her......that Ficus tree drives me insane in this room but I have no where else to put it. The bedding is my old really doesn't match this room at all! We have a full size bed in the garage that I bought from my friend Cindy this summer.....our plan is to move this bed in photo to upstairs bedroom and put full size bed in this room. So I will get new bedding...yay, shopping.
Here are some of the books that came off the bookcase Tori took. Here they sit....since August! Crap, we don't have another bookcase....more shopping...oh, darn!

All that art work you see was done by Tori!! It just got 'put' in here as so doesn't match Meg's room....I plan on doing Tori's room next and have all her art work hanging in there. But, of course I'm on strict orders not to change her room up to much....she's still attached to it. That big family photo at the end of the bed was taken in 2002 when we finished building our house. It was over the mantel. The girls had their braces....they hated this picture!

So there you have project for the day. I must be a lunatic.....Holy Moly Canoly


Becky said...

UM yea...that wine is good and dangerous. That is the plum wine that Heather and I had on my birthday when we got our tattoos;)

Tastes kind of like sweet cough syrup!

I LOVE YOUR NEW BACKGROUND!!!! How pretty! How did you do it!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just get another bottle of wine, blog all day, then s some p instead?

Go to customize, settings, comments, scroll down to comment form message. Make sure to save settings. wa-la! all pao!(that's finished in Hawaiian)

heathersister said...

Good job on changing your background! Like it.

Good luck with your projects today. I want an update on how much you get done today. :)

Today is a stay at home and get caught up on crap day for me too. In five hours I have marked one thing off my list, not doing well so far. :(

Susie said...

I really like the new look:-) It is very appropriate for the title:-)

Good luck on all those tackles:-) I hope you achieve everthing you want to this weekend:-)

I am off to do more gardening:-0

April said...

I happen to like your new blog design a lot! It's so different from any I've seen. I wouldn't even know where to begin to do that myself! I'm impressed!

Looks like you have some work in front of you...don't we all! I have so many things I need to get done, but there never seems to be enough time! For today, I'm heading outside to plant some pansies. Tomorrow is another day!

Betty said...

I LOVE the new background! You really have to find those html instructions and post them for us stupid people...

Sounds like you will be busy this weekend! Maybe your hubby will help you with all the organizing, since he likes doing that too...

Julie said...

we have had that plum wine before with Asian is a bit too sweet like syrup for me, but hubby likes it. Looks like you are BUSY this weekend... and I just finished Eclipse... thanks again!!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I like the background, ya drunk! LOL It definitely goes with the name.
I had to giggle at the name of that wine, because I have the mind of a 12-year-old. hee hee

Rene said...

I love the new layout! Good job!!

dddiva said...

I love the background- the colors are ones that happen to be favorites of mine.
Maybe that is the trick- drink lots of wine and start hitting buttons then I too can have a super-cute blog. ;)
Good luck with those projects... I spent the last couple of days getting ready for Halloween then Dev's party today so I am going to veg out this weekend- if you get bored you can come organize some stuff here or on my blog. ;)

mrsbear said...

I love the blog makeover, three glasses of wine really enhance your creativity. Unfortunately all I've got around here is whine.

Shan said...

i could show you rooms in my house that could put your mind at ease!

that is NOT clutter....

and i KNOW clutter!

Jamie said...

Love your new background! How did your projects go?