Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Best Blog

Awww....this award really made my day!! I received it twice! THANK YOU!!!

First from Michelle over @ Tales from the lunchroom.

Then from Heather @ ...This is the day...PS 118:24

I'm supposed to pass on this award to some bloggy friends. Well, I would pass it on to Heather & Michelle but they passed it on to me...they are sister's who I have really enjoyed getting to know through blogging. I was going to pass it on to Becky from In the Trenches but both Michelle & Heather gave it to her. She is Heather's best friend who I have also enjoyed getting to know.
OK, I'm running out of time...I have to leave for work.

I give the Best Blog 2008 award to...
Joy @ Joy in the burbs
Melody @ Merrie Melody
Jenny @ Jenny and the Princess Peonies

I'm so happy to have "met" all these amazing woman through blogging.

OK, I am really late now.


Sandy Toes said...

Congrats on your award:)!
-sandy toe

April said...


Congrats on your awesome award...way to go!!!

heathersister said...

You are the best Betty. We love you. Well deserved award.

Don't you hate trying to squeeze in blogging before work. I do.

Yeah, Jenny!!

Mercedes said...

congrats! well deserved

Melody said...

Betty, that really touches my heart, thank you. What a great award! You've just made *my* day!

And congrats to you on a well deserved award!

Anonymous said...

I love a girl who goes in late for work so she can get a post up! An award well deserved!

And John, there should be an award for husband-who-caught-a-bunch-of-sh*t-and-is-still-standing. You'd win it. Hands down.

You're a good sport. I hope?

Betty said...

Congrats! I wanted to pass this on to you too, but since I say Michelle had done it already, I picked some other ones. But you do deserve it!

Becky said...

Well I feel like I got the award from you anyways! Thanks Betty!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I love the idea of "blog awards." Now if we could only dress up fancy and throw a big party when we get one...LOL

Heather said...

Oh, I like Angel's idea...

Let's throw a big blog-award night bash at some fancy-schmancy hotel, where we can party all night long and not have to drive home.

I hear St. Louis is a fun town (hint, hint).

Congrats on getting the award, twice. You deserve every bit of it. Michelle and I conferred, and laughed when we knew we were giving it to some of the same people. But we went ahead and did it anyway.

Are you feeling the love?

Julie said...


momto1 said...

Yay on the award!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Yaaaay for you!!! You deserve it!

I just love the clouds on your blog...makes me feel like I'm flyin'! :)


Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Betty! Congrats on your award!

Thank you so much for passing this on to me! I am flattered and blushing slightly....

Tori said...

hey hey hey
happy day day day.
i finally got all of our christmas crap put up & awaaay!
i'm excited to be coming home for the day tomorrow!
See you then! Love you!

Joy in the Burbs... said...

Betty, that is a great award for you. I'm one of your followers and love your "love" story that you share about your family.

I'm touched that you thought of me.
I'll be back to pick it up in a few days. I'm doing some "tweaking" over in the burbs.


Susie said...

Congratulations on your award:-)

Aubrey said...

You definitely deserve this award! I know your blog is one that I am so glad to have come across! You are a gem!