Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Guest Post :(

Well, hubby never took the time to type out had time to write a guest post for me. Makes me mad sad. Oh well.

I cut out some squares for my next quilt. I'm in no hurry to get this quilt done. Just felt like cutting out the squares. I need to buy more material in this color scheme. Definitely some solids and a few more prints as well.

I really need to get to crocheting on the berets and beanies for the market this May. I would like to have at least 20 berets & 10 beanies made for the first day. Also, I would like to have 5 wrap shawls done. Ahhh...that sounds like a lot. But, I know I can get it done.


WheresMyAngels said...

Big hugs.

Sorry your husband is not deserving of his queen today! Make him pay!!

Child Husband is actually on my good side. He fixed a friend of mines computor. She asked me to have him find one for her to buy and I told her to have him look at the one she had. So wah la, she spends no money. Then he DID the dishes, taxes and bought me chocolate. If it wasn't for the fact I'm working 16 hour days, I would be in heaven! lol

Young Momma said...

I'm sorry your hubs won't post for you! :( I had to beg beg beg beg and now he wont do his own post - but he'll answer questions that any of the ladies post. No limit on questions! lol I'm posting the answers Tuesday evening.

I can't wait to see the quilt all done! Wish I had patients (or knowledge) on how to do it! lol

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

You can do it! I have faith. And they will be beautiful and they will all sell.

Julie said...

so sorry that he isn't going to write one for you... but you still have all day to ask/bug him too :)

Keeper of the skies said...

hubby was up at 430 am and at work at 6am. Hubby got off work at 2pm and had to be back to work that evening at 1030pm and work till 630am so hubby came home and got some sleep. Maybe you should give hubby a little slack since he has to work such a crappy schedule and was tired because of it...Love, Hubby

April said...

Oh, I was so excited to read what your hubby had to say about you...I'm so bummed! Better luck next time, right? :)

I can't believe you're making a quilt! Are you doing it by hand? That's such a lost art form and I've always admired those who know how to do it...my grandma was a quilter.

Good luck in getting all your projects accomplished!

Becky said...

I know how it is....I was lucky Mike had an evening off from work! That's okay John...Betty talks about all the time anyways. We all feel like we know you anyways:)

heathersister said...

Well that poopy head!

I really like the fabrics you have picked out for your quilt! We are gonna want to see the finished product too.

Better to stick to sewing and croceting rather than yearbooks!

Sandy Toes said...

Maybe he will do it another day!!!

Have fun with all your projects:)!
-sandy toe

Tori said...

aw...i like that cross out effect you did there : )
love you!

Heather said...

John, I see your comment, and we all understand being tired, but yet we still blog :)

Get some rest, then type up a great post and sneak it onto Betty's blog and get back into her good graces.

Lynette said...

Hate he didn't blog about/for you - that would have been interesting!! But, I understand - Can't wait to see your quilt all beautified!!

Rene said...

So sorry about your husband not playing along. My husband would never even think about it so at least you have that -- just trying to be supportive..ya know!

Good luck on all the handwork you are working on. I have a huge order of uniforms due next week so I've been sewing my little fingers off so I can feel your pain. Too bad sewing doesn't burn like 1,000 calories an hour!!

Melody said...

I saw John's comment. His schedule sounded sucky for both of you. I'd love to read what he writes whenever he gets a chance!

Your quilt prints and colors look gorgeous! It is going to turn out great!

Have a great day!

Betty said...

Have fun with your projects! They look like a lot of work, but I guess if you enjoy doing it, it´s not work...

Anonymous said...

Poor John getting all kinds of crap today.

We blogger's stand behind each other. Piss one of us off and you have to deal with the wrath of us all.

Maybe next time?

I'm gonna leave the link up a couple more days if you change your mind and decide you ever want to get laid again.


Ashley said...

I just found out about this guest post thing yesterday and Lucas is away on business... again. Hopefully we'll get 'em to participate next time!

Susie said...

My husband wouldn't have done it either.

Anonymous said...

Boo to Keeper Of The Skies for not conforming and writing a guest post! ;)

Aubrey said...

He SO made up for it with his comment! He had me cracking UP!
My hubby was being a major butthole last night and that's why his guest post didn't get written. Now he feels bad. LOL

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

You are so crafty! I can't imagine your entire list of projects...must be very very long!

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