Sunday, January 11, 2009

This and that

The Scattered mind of a tattooed mini van mom is hosting a " Guest Post". Go on over to her blog and sign up....and have your hubby or someone else write a post about YOU! All post will be up on Tuesday, January 13th.

I made a huge dent in the yearbook this weekend!! I'm feeling a little more relaxed about it! It's crazy because I never did the yearbook when my girls were that they are adults I agree to do one.....I will NEVER EVER agree to even help with another yearbook!

I took a much needed break yesterday and went and got pedicures and manicures with my girlfriends. Ah, that massage chair felt good....Paul (man who does my pedicures) gives great leg & foot massages.....he massaged my arms and hands longer than usual because he said I felt tense. YA THINK!?

John was at a Gun Show with Ron all afternoon. Robbie & I met up with them for dinner. We went and pigged out on Sushi! Yum!

It has turned cold here, again!! Arkansas weather is just day it's in the 70's the next it's in the 30's. WTH? I think I am ready for spring!!!

I'm super excited about next Sunday the 18th!! Season 3 of "BIG LOVE" premieres on HBO!

On Showtime is the new show "United States of Tara". This looks funny!! It's about a woman who has multiple personalities.

I'm really excited because John doesn't work Sunday nights anymore so we will be able to watch theses shows together!!


Pamela said...

ughh, I so wish I could get a massage..or pedicure, or have time to just sit and clip own nails!! LOL! That must have felt so good! I do the same thing alot...say yes to something only to regret it later. GRRR!

Becky said...

I Have Big Love marked on my calendar. LOL! I saw that an ad for the other show...hmmm. Might have to get Showtime now..

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about Big Love, too! Unfortunately we got rid of our HBO this past year to cut down on some bills, but a friend of mine still has it so that is going to be our Sunday night fun. :-)

Tori said...

i'm glad you were able to get a lot done!
& that you could have a fun day with the ladies!
...& the two weirdos you met up with for sushi ; )

the changing weather suuucks. i think it's why i'm so sick. blahblahblah.

love you!

Mrs. S said...

I SO want a pedicure...I am having what my dear friend describes as snaggle toes, they are in need of some love and attention :) Glad you are getting the year book squared away!

American in Norway said...

Just year you would be an expert doing the yearbook... wouldn' that be fun?

MarciaBrady said...

I'm glad you were able to get a lot done! You'll get there.

I've never heard of Big Love. The United States of Tara does sound pretty good.

I hope you're more relaxed since yesterday!!

MarciaBrady said...
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April said...

Glad you made some progress where the yearbook is concerned. I know that's a huge load off your shoulders. Sounds like you enjoyed getting pampered...I know I always do! As for the sushi...just not for me. I tried a bite of it not long ago and that will forever and always be my last. More power to ya, girl! Happy Sunday!!!

P.S. You are sure right about the Arkansas weather...I remember it well.

Julie said...

Yeah for getting a massage... that is fun, and needed after all that yearbook work. And I have never heard of those shows you are talking about...

Young Momma said...

I am switching my cable providers right now and I think I may have to get HBO again so I can watch Big Love! I miss that show! lol

Susie said...

I really need a massage too!! It's been a long time.

WheresMyAngels said...

I want to see the United States of Tara. I haven't seen Big Love but it sounds good.

I'm excited because LOST will soon be on.

heathersister said...

Glad you made a dent in the yearbook. You will feel so much better when it is finished. Just hurry and get it done and never again. Right. Don't forget when they ask you next year.

The rest of the weekend sounds like it was lovely. You needed it.

Sandy Toes said...

Big crack me up!!!
-sandy toe
stop over for my giveaway:)

Heather said...

Just say NO!

You know you'll forget. When the yearbook gets published, and you get oodles of compliments on a job well done. And you'll think to yourself, 'self, that wasn't so bad'.

Just come to us, and we'll remind you.

I need to finish watching the first two seasons before I commit to the third. Of Big Love, that is. I'm working on it. Thank God for HBO on demand.

Have a great week!

Rene said...

LOVE Big Love!!! I can't wait for it to start either. I sure hope they have HBO at the hospital. I might have to tell CarGuy that he'll have to wait for his transplant until after the season is over! You think he'd go for it? ;-)