Thursday, January 1, 2009


Welcome 2009!!

I will grow deeper in my relationship with God.
I will lose the weight I gained after I quit smoking.
I will (hopefully) be successful in selling my crocheted berets and wrap shawls.
I will laugh, love & live life to the fullest!

11 days ago John & I celebrated our 21st anniversary. Our plans were to go out to a romantic dinner at our favorite restaurant. Well, when you marry 2 days before Christmas (stupidest thing we've done) it is hard to be "romantic" when every where you go you hear Christmas music and you have to fight the holiday traffic and the long waits for a table! So on our actual anniversary after fighting the crowd at Walmart we decided to order a pizza and go home. Our daughters had come in for the holidays so we spent our evening with them eating pizza and watching a movie. We enjoyed just being with our girls! It was wonderful!!!

So Tuesdays are our date this past Tuesday we decided to do what we were going to on our anniversary. We celebrated 21 years of marriage! We went to Bene Vita's and ate and had some intense conversation and laughed and loved! Of course being the blogger that I am I had to take photos even though John asked me not to. But he is grateful I did...they are already on his facebook. We were seated in a booth in the corner so it was semi-private.
We started out with a Caesar di Tuscano salad. They give you rosemary bread and this parmesan crusty bread that you dip in oil & butter.

I enjoyed a glass of Pinot Grigio

I got the Chicken Piccata and John got the pan seared Grouper. They both have a lemon-caper sauce on them that is to die for. John wouldn't let me take a picture of his (cause he was embarrassed) cause he just wanted to eat.

For dessert we shared a White Chocolate Creme Brulini Tini! Oh my this is heaven in a glass!

John said, "It's exquisite"!

John finally got into taking photos with me!! He took this of me finishing off the tini!

This was our third attempt at taking a picture of ourselves. I set the camera up on the case and rested it on a glass of water...set the timer and carefully had 10 seconds to get on John's side of the table.

We went and watched "Bedtime Stories" it was pretty funny! We liked it.

The day after Christmas we saw "The Curious case of Benjamin Button". If you have not seen this movie I highly recommend it!! It's long 2 hrs. 43 minutes. But you don't even realize it is that long. Be sure to bring tissues because you will need them!!


Beths Blog said...

Yeh! I'm glad you'll join me. Let me know your scripture!

I made the pumpkin bars, OMG they were fabulous! I took them to a New Years Eve party last night!

It was so fun having you all stop by the other day. Always make me wish we did it more often.
love ya in 09

Aubrey said...

Awww! Looks like such a romantic evening! Good food, good company, who could ask for anything more!
Happy 2009 to you both!

Melody said...

2 days before Christmas huh? That is as bad as Steve's & me getting married 2 days before Thanksgiving! Every year our anniversary falls somewhere close to we celebrate our meeting instead. It was in September, so we try to do something special on Labor Day Weekend. It works.

I'm glad that your anniversary turned out so well, even if it was delayed a bit. Your food looks delicious!

Those are wonderful resolutions. I will be finishing up mine today.

I left a comment to your comment in my comment section of my blog. Say that 10 times fast! LOL!

Happy New Year!

Becky said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful evening. That food looks DELICOUS! You look really happy.

I want to see that movie, I hope we can get a chance too!

natalie said...

So sweet! :D

Mrs. S said...

soo cute!! Looks like you all had a wonderful evening!!! Happy Anniversary!!

And Happy New Year!

mrsbear said...

21 years, woo hoo. So wonderful to see you guys still enjoy each others company. Dinner looks fabulous, actually made me a little hungry since it is lunch time around here...

Happy New Year to you and yours, and best of luck with all those resolutions. Laugh, love, and live is wonderful advice for all of us.

heathersister said...

Glad you had a wonderful evening. Looks like you were enjoying your self.

Aubrey said that movie was good too. It's two for two so far.

Good luck with your new year goals!!

NJDecorator said...

I understand that anniversary thing as well, we got married between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and every year we pray it does not fall on the day of the fast!

It looks like you had a great tme though and you two are so sweet together.

Happy 2009!

dddiva said...

Such a pretty couple, congrats!
Hope 2009 is your best year yet.

Rick said...

Hello Keeper. I am just doing a bit of blog surfing to invite people over to my blog for a chance to enter my annual giveaway. There are no gimmicks. I am just celebrating two years of blogging by giving away a free caricature drawn by me. I'd be honored if you take a look.

April said...


You and your husband are such a sweet couple and it's easy to see that you're madly in love with each other, even after all these years. Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that you got married? Chris and I will celebrate our 20th in October. Happy Anniversary to you and John!

I wish you the very best in 2009! Happy New Year!

Heather said...

Betty, you are absolutely gorgeous in these pictures!

You are truly glowing. I love how your happiness just radiates from your spirit.

I'm glad you were able to celebrate with a romantic dinner. And drinks. And, well, other stuff, I'm sure.

Congratulations on 21 years!

Sandy Toes said...

Happy wonderful! Wishing you many more!
-sandy toes
p.s. I want to see that looks so good!

Betty said...

Looking good, the both of you!!
When are you coming on facebook? I really want to add you as my friend!

Maggie May said...

i want to see Benjamin Button so badly. it looks awesome. you guys are so cute, and you are gorgeous!

Joy in the Burbs... said...

Your anniversary celebration looks like a success. Good food and a beautiful couple.
Keep the good times rolling.


momto1 said...

21 years! It looks like it was a very romantic evening; you both look so in love! Too sweet.

The Bush Family said...

How cute you both are! Happy New Year!! :)

Beths Blog said...

That is great Betty. I'm so excited to be in the Word and see what I can memorize!Tell Megan I tried to call her back but got the wrong number. Tell her to call me again about the knives.

Pacing the Panic Room said...

The pictures almost ALWAYS seem like a pain in the arse to take, but man is it worth it to take them.