Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Dam Date

I decided we were going to have The DAM DATE!!!! We have discussed this date ever since they built the dam bridge; since the weather was beautiful it was a perfect opportunity to have it.
We started out by going to Damgoode Pies. Oh buddy, they have some Damn Good Pizza Pies!!!! We shared "The Hog" with pink sauce & a 14 inch Tomato, pepperoni with tomato basil sauce. Delicious! Tori & Nick were a few miles away shopping for Costa Rica so they came and joined us for about 1/2 hour. We enjoyed that tremendously.

We then drove over to the Big Dam Bridge! I had to pee so bad and told John that before we walk I needed to use the facilities...and wouldn't you know it there were just stinking porta potties!!!! It was a wide one so John came in with me. He was giggling because he has always heard me talk about "hovering" over the toilet to pee so I won't touch the seat....and finally after 22 years together he got to see me perform the "hovering maneuver" hahaha Actually, he got to help me because I used him as a handle so I wouldn't fall over. He later told me he felt like pushing me down so my butt would touch. I think I would have slapped the crap out of him! We laughed so damn hard about this. The walk over the Dam bridge was very peaceful. At one point John said, "It is like therapy...the wind in your face, listening to the water crash against the dam makes you feel like you're at the beach if you close your eyes." We stood there holding each other, eyes closed, and it was like therapy. I haven't been that relaxed in a long time!! We slowly made our way back to the car, holding hands and feeling refreshed. Of course John had to be John and tell the people walking up that it was a "dam long walk"....he makes me giggle!!

We didn't want the date to we decided to go to the Rave theater and see "You don't mess with the Zohan"....and yes, we had to get our usual popcorn with butter in the middle and on top! We liked it....but we have been Adam Sandler fans forever. Since it had been such a damn good day and we were so damn bad in our eating habits we thought we would continue the damn bad trend for the day and head over to the damn KrispyKreme...and wouldn't you know it the HOT sign was on!!! Oh dear Lord, oh yum yum...that hot glazed doughnut was soooo damn good! Naughty yes but hey we don't do it all the time. Well, our day finally came to a close....we went to my moms to pick up the boys (the dogs) and headed home. It was a Damn Good Date!!!

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