Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jump On

Well I figured I would jump on the band wagon and start blogging as well.
I woke up 3 times during the night with Reeses and Dinosaur (Meg's dog...she is in Costa Rica attending the Language Academy there for the summer). They just didn't want to sleep last night. Finally, at 6:30 I stayed up for the day. As I got my coffee then sat still with God....I got all emotional....my heart aches for all the people I prayed for this morning. All with different needs.....John's cousin Crystal who has had the worse pregnancy ever...Shoni as she juggles babies Atticus and all his health problems and Vincent being jealous about Atticus....and especially Mike...who lost his daughter, Kali...who's memorial we will attend today. When John called me last week and told me about Kali he was crying really hard....he asked me why God takes some and not others....I told him we're not supposed to understand it...we just accept it and trust Him! As parent we do everything to protect our children....when they become adults and you are basically forced to start cutting those strings...it's SO hard to not be in control of that protection. I pray everyday for Meg's safety in Costa Rica and Tori's safety as she comes back and forth from work..... I trust in the Lord that He will protect them, and He gives me the peace I need.

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Beths Blog said...

Welcome to the blog world betty. I really enjoy being a blogger. Zach said her saw you at the funeral today (Tuesday). How did you all know Kaley. Zach went to Fayetteville with her and his new girlfriend was in her sorority. Calvin, her boyfriend that spoke, is one of Zach's roommate for this upcoming year. He said it was a beautiful service.
Hope to you more on the blogging!