Friday, June 6, 2008


I'm so excited!! My garden is growing beautifully. The first photo is my Cherry Tomato Plant, 2nd is my Banana Pepper Plant...YUMMO!!! I'm also growing squash, cucumbers, bell peppers & cilantro.I can't wait to eat these delicious vegetables!!!

Above is a picture of my compost. It is currently on the ground until John can help me build a bin out of chicken wire to keep it in.

Tori is growing Basil and Rosemary. My kitchen smells SO good. We can't wait to make pesto and potato rosemary bread!

Here are three photos of our baby birds. Momma laid the eggs in my fern that was hanging on the front porch. The fern died cause we were to afraid to water it in fear of disturbing the nest. John and I were sitting on the porch a few days ago and we got to witness these precious babies fly the coop. I thought of the dove tattoo that John has on his arm that signifies Megan leaving our home and going off on her own. When Tori "flies the coop" this August John will have that same dove tattooed on the other side of his arm for her.


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