Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well, as of yesterday both my girls are out of the country. Meg has been in Costa Rica attending the Language Academy for over a month now...her room mate Marianne has been there as well. They finished up school on the 19th. Tori, Nick (her boyfriend), John (Nick's brother), Deidra and Brianna (Meg & Tori's other room mates) all flew out yesterday to spend 10 days exploring the country. I'm so happy for them that they are experiencing these fun and exciting adventures. David (our nephew who lived with us for 2 years) came home from Iraq and spent 2 weeks with us; he left to go back to his base in New Mexico yesterday as we instantly had the "empty nest" syndrome. It is bittersweet having your children grow up. On one hand you want them to stay small and dependent and be by your side all the time....but, on the other hand you are happy and proud to see them mature into wonderful young women and live life. John took off work early last night and we went and saw 'Get Smart' OMG it was HILARIOUS!!! He took off today as well, we are leaving in a few to go eat breakfast and go to the farmers market.
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