Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dinner Dates

Dinner date #1.
On Saturday, John got home from work at 2:45...I finished up a cake I made for the Supper Club...we dropped that off at church...and went to see the movie "Strangers" at 4pm. The movie started as we sat down...perfect timing! The movie was short (about 1 hour 20 minutes) had few words, mostly scenes but, let me tell you...made you want to ALWAYS lock your doors when you are home!!! Supposedly it is based on a true story. We then drove to the River Market area and ate at one of our favorites "Flying Fish" where we shared a bowl of gumbo, 1 lb. boiled shrimp & oysters on the half shell. Oh, and I can't forget there wonderful lemonade....made fresh daily. We then walked over to the river and sat down over looking the vast array of waves and currents and just enjoyed each other and conversed. John's weed eater had been falling apart for sometime now, so we headed to Wally world to buy him a new one for Fathers Day....then we went to Sonic and shared a banana split together.
Dinner Date #2 Fathers Day Sunday
I made dinner tonight. We had Grilled Turkey cutlets marinated in Raspberry Vinaigrette then topped with Roasted Raspberry Chipolte sauce.....Roasted Italian Baby Golden Potatoes....grilled corn on the cob....cucumber tomato mushroom salad and Pugliese bread....and for dessert I made an Apple Cheddar pie. YUMMO!!! John had a wonderful fathers day.
Dinner Date #3
Well, John, David and my brother Tim went to have wings at Hooters, so Tori, my mom and I went out to the Flying Fish (yes, twice in 3 days) and had a girls night. This time I got the Fish Tacos....can I hear a big YUM!!! Oh my these were so good....I can eat one right now....It was a taco shell, with a piece of fried catfish (I wish it was grilled but that's ok I need to bad every once in awhile) Cole slaw and pico de gallo. YUM YUM!!! It was also served with a side of red beans and rice. It was delicious!!!! My mom had the fried catfish basket and Tori had the grilled tilapia platter which I've had and is to so good as well. It is served with grilled squash and zucchini and red beans and rice. We then walked over to the new pedestrian bridge. I'm not good with heights; I had to stay in the middle of the bridge. I have this fear of falling over even though there is a railing there that is almost as tall as me. It was getting dark so we decided to head back to the car. My mom and I took the elevator back down and Tori took the stairs...when we reached the bottom Tori was talking with a woman about a man who had fell off the bridge the night before. We ran into Fox 16 news people and the guy told us that the man was trying to impress his girlfriend and sat on top of the railing and lost balance and fell to his death. CRAZY!!! They found his body later that night. It is like a running joke here in Arkansas...."Whose body are they gonna find in the river this week" That river is so dangerous yet people still do foolish things around it.
Tonight is Date Night........Johnny boy and I set aside Tuesday nights just for the two of us!!! It is my turn to decide what we will do. I better get to thinking cause I have no clue.
Tootle loo

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