Monday, June 23, 2008


I woke up Sunday morning sore as can be. My right side has deep bruises (especially my hip) from falling down the stairs!!! Yep, I fell down them Saturday morning....I had the dogs in my arms and my socked foot slipped on the first step. I blacked out for a few seconds...John, thankfully, took off that day to spend time with me...he heard the KABOOM and came to my rescue. Oh, my sweet love...he was so worried about me. All is well now, just bruised. So back to Sunday, I wasn't going to attend E-3 or Church cause I was just to sore and walked with a slight limp (oh, E-3 is Sunday School) but, God told me I had to be there. I'm glad I listened. I was blessed with the message.

My first banana pepper of the season!! I'm so excited. My family & I LOVE vegetables!!
Blueberry Fool...I made this with the fresh blueberries we got at the Farmers Market. This is very made 15 squares so John took most of it to work.

These beauties are baby red, buttercream & purple potatoes. Heaven on earth let me tell you. So creamy and oh so delicious!!! I roasted these beauties with fresh garlic, basil, oregano and salt & pepper.
Purple Hull Peas!!! I usually put a ham hock or salt pork in my peas but, this time I tried something different and it turned out amazing!! I cut up 5 slices of Smoked Peppered Maple Bacon , fried it for 2 minutes, added it to the peas(I put the grease in as well), a teaspoon of Kosher salt and cooked for 2 hours. Oh my, they just melted in your mouth! I think the peas were our favorite part of the dinner. John said, "You can just taste the freshness" and you really can. I'm going to go down to Holland Bottoms Farm later today and see what they have available. I'm in the mood to cook some more fresh veggies. The only sad thing is my girls aren't here to share this with us. They would have LOVED this meal. But, hey they are eating some amazing food themselves down in Costa Rica. I can't wait to taste the coffee that Meg has raved about. She is bringing me some back.
I better get off this blog and start cleaning my house!
Tootle loo

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mmmm those taters look good.